Vendr | Saas Insights Buying ReportVendr | Saas Insights Buying Report

SaaS Buying Insights Report

The latest roundup is out with qualitative and quantitative industry trends based on our work managing the SaaS stacks of some of the world’s fastest-growing companies. Get the top insights our Executive Buyers and Procurement Specialists have observed over the last month of SaaS buying activity, along with data-backed trends like top products for net new purchases and renewals. Updated January 12, 2023.

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What’s trending in the world of SaaS

What SaaS buyers should plan for based on our insights

Get the top 3 SaaS buying insights and trends our Executive Buyers and Procurement Specialists observed over the last month.

See what our data tells us about buying trends

Get datapoints on what's trending for first-time purchases, what software is sticking around for another year, what companies like yours are spending in the last month on SaaS, and more.

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As the SaaS buying category creators, we've accumulated an extensive amount of data to help companies make the best buying decisions possible.

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