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What grade would you give your company's software purchasing process? If you think there's room for improvement, this guide is for you. Learn the top 10 ways to instantly upgrade how you manage and buy software. Then, watch as your dollar and time savings compound over time.

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10 steps to a better software purchasing process

It all starts with how you manage your SaaS stack

Do you have a single view of all software suppliers and spend? Does your purchasing process track renewal dates? Has your SaaS contract data outgrown the spreadsheet? A solid purchasing process starts with what you already have. Get tactical steps to better manage your existing tech stack.

Standardize and centralize your procurement process

The entire SaaS purchasing process — from request for purchase, to spend approval, security and legal review requirements, purchase order, receiving, invoicing, and payment — should have a centralized home and owner (ideally procurement). Get step-by-step guidelines on how to streamline your SaaS procurement.

Leverage price benchmarking for the best pricing and terms

It's tempting for stakeholders to choose software based on past experience. Regardless, in-depth SaaS evaluation based on your company's specific needs is an absolute must. Get a list of must-ask questions for every vendor evaluation. Then, rely on Vendr's data from over $2B in processed spend.

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