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Customizable template: How to request and buy software

Outline your company's software purchasing process and empower stakeholders to efficiently identify needs, evaluate options, and request SaaS solutions using this customizable template.

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With this template, you can...

Give your stakeholders a clear path to the SaaS they need

When you provide a well-outlined process for procuring new SaaS software, your stakeholders can get exactly what they need to do their jobs faster. This template serves as a guide through the intake and approval process so they know exactly what's needed to get to “yes.”

Speed the buying and approval process with good documentation

Helps SaaS buyers compile the necessary pricing, security, legal, and budget information to secure the “four yeses” from approvers and speed the purchase process. By completing these processes, your team will have everything to approve and implement a chosen solution.

Help buyers perform competitive analysis in advance

While it’s tempting to stick with the SaaS you know, competitive analysis is an important step in getting the right solution at the best price. This template will help stakeholders conduct research for a “three bids and a buy” so you feel confident in their decision.

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