A guide to saving 20% on SaaS

Check out our ultimate SaaS buying guide, crafted from our own experience navigating 4,000+ SaaS deals, for everything you need to know to set your team up for success.

Learn how to consolidate your SaaS stack, build an efficient purchasing process with the four yes's, and negotiate better pricing off complex contracts — every time.

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Transform your SaaS buying process

Documentation best practices

Get tips on how to organize your SaaS stack, including a spreadsheet outline, duplicative software processes, stakeholder surveys, and more.

Net new software and renewal processes

Define a buying process that best fits the needs of your company, starting with establishing the four "yes's", timelines, evaluation, and more.

Strategic negotiation tactics

With years of experience and hundreds of negotiations under our belt, get best practices when approaching SaaS purchasing conversations.

Build a better buying process.

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