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1Password Pricing

1Password is a powerful password manager developed by AgileBits that uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure information. It offers features like organized categories, customizable search, and autofill for web forms. The pricing for 1Password varies based on different tiers such as Teams, Enterprise, Business, Families, and Personal. The contract ranges are:

  • $8,100.00 to $17,000.00 for headcount: 200
  • $17,300.00 to $29,100.00 for headcount: 1000
  • $30,400.00 to $65,100.00 for headcount: 1001+

Please note, these ranges are estimates and the actual cost may vary.

Free Trial Availability

As of the time of writing, it's unclear whether 1Password offers a free trial. Please visit the 1Password website or contact the supplier for the most current information.

Obtaining Discounts

Whereas standard pricing already delivers a robust set of features, users may secure additional discounts on 1Password. The level of discount typically depends on the contract size and term. On average, users have been able to save up to 9.6% through negotiation.

Compliance and Security

1Password is compliant with GDPR, SSO, SOC2, MFA, PII, and DPA regulations. It employs AES 256-bit encryption, ensuring your sensitive information is kept secure.

About 1Password

1Password is a leading tool in the IT & Security space, primarily servicing businesses with an average headcount of 550. Their category score is 'Leader' and they have a high retention rate of 68.77%. The software is designed to simplify password management, helping teams and individuals maintain strong data security practices.

About AgileBits Inc

AgileBits Inc is the legal name of the company that developed 1Password. They are a reputable supplier in the technology industry, with a high market share and a time to close of 43 days. Despite being classed as a leader in their category, it's important to note that they're currently not available through Vendr+.

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