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Asana Pricing

Asana is a potent project management tool offered at a range of different tier pricing. For a single user, the Basic tier is freely accessible forever, with Business tier pricing set at $30.49 per user per month, billed monthly. For larger corporations with extensive headcounts, pricing options range from $12,900.00 to $145,200.00 yearly investment.

Free Trial Availability

At the moment, Asana is not offering a free trial. However, the Basic tier is free and offers enough functionality for small teams to manage their work and basic projects.

Obtaining Discounts

Asana provides opportunities for discounts and price negotiations particularly in scenarios involving multi-year agreements and robust growth opportunities. The exact discount figures may vary depending on negotiation and the package size. It's typically recommended to contact Asana directly or use a purchasing platform like Vendr to navigate this process.

Compliance and Security

Asana prides itself on its strict adherence to internationally recognized compliance standards. These include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), System and Organization Controls (SOC2), and the Data Protection Act (DPA). For enhanced security, Asana supports Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and is ISO27001 compliant.

About Asana

Asana is a robust project management tool climbing the ranks to its current position as a leader in the project management category. The platform provides a comprehensive project management solution with features like task management, team communication, and project visualization. Implementation time for Asana usually falls below three months, making it a versatile tool for fast-paced environments.

About Asana's Reputation

Asana is a force to reckon with in the project management category, with significant market share and a reputation for top-tier functionality. It operates in the Business Ops space and competes against names such as ClickUp, Monday.com, Atlassian, Wrike, and Smartsheet. Despite the competition, Asana maintains its edge through customizable options suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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