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Fivetran Pricing

Fivetran provides a unique Automated Data Movement Platform focused on replicating various types of data (databases, applications, events, files) into a high-performance cloud warehouse. Pricing for Fivetran is based on a consumption model with the key metric being Monthly Active Rows (MAR).

The platform tiers offered by Fivetran include Starter, Standard, Enterprise, and Business Critical. The pricing varies for each tier to accommodate different usage requirements and the price points of these tiers are negotiable.

Free Trial Availability

Fivetran offers a free trial for new users that includes up to 500K Monthly Active Rows (MAR). This enables potential customers to get a handle of Fivetran's capabilities before opting for a paid plan.

Obtaining Discounts

Fivetran offers various discounts depending on consumption and agreement terms. Ensuring competitive bids and discussing pricing for high consumption connectors are recommended practices. Regular optimization of data usage and removal of underutilized connectors can also drive down costs. Frequently, discounts can go up to an average of 10-15%.

Compliance and Security

Fivetran ensures full compliance with GDPR and SOC2 regulations. The platform provides robust security measures with MFA and SSO capabilities. In terms of data regulations, Fivetran exhibits solid adherence to PII and DPA rules, prioritizing the privacy and security of its users.

About Fivetran

Fivetran became renowned in the market for its reliable and efficient data movement platform. Their automated solutions simplify data replication and significantly reduce time spent on data integration tasks. The flexible billing options and tiered pricing plans align with varying needs, catering to different sizes of businesses. The fact that they offer both free trials and discount levers is a testament to Fivetran's customer-centric approach.

About Fivetran's Supplier

Fivetran's platform is developed and supported by the Fivetran team with a track record of delivering high-quality, efficient data integration solutions. The team continually enhances the platform to keep up with the rapidly evolving data landscape. The supplier's reputation in the market bolsters confidence in Fivetran's reliability. Details about specific individuals from the supplier who manage various aspects of the platform like the compliance and discounts could not be found. It's recommended to reach out to Fivetran's team directly for this information.

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