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FullStory Pricing

FullStory is a leading Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform that empowers businesses with a suite of tools covering product analytics, session detail, and collaboration. Leveraging FullStory, companies gain invaluable insights into user engagement, optimization of conversion funnels, and understanding of user sentiment to deliver exquisite online user experiences. While FullStory offers differing pricing tiers based on headcount, exact pricing remains negotiable, setting the stage for potential substantial cost savings.

Free Trial Availability

Despite its robust feature stack, FullStory currently doesn't offer a conventional free trial. However, FullStory does run demos for interested parties offering a glimpse into the powerful possibilities of the platform.

Obtaining Discounts

Getting a discount on FullStory can be quite straightforward, especially during the renewal phase or through negotiation. Previous clients have had success in securing price cuts by rationalizing their session counts and negotiating for preferable pricing tiers.

Compliance and Security

Conforming to strict security and compliance standards, FullStory is firmly committed to maintaining data privacy and adhering to GDPR, SOC2, PII, and DPA regulations. Its commitment is further evidenced through its implementation of both MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) & SSO (Single Sign-On) capabilities providing an extra layer of account security.

About FullStory

FullStory was founded with the singular goal of improving the online user experience. They've since emerged as an industry leader specializing in digital analytics. Offering a variety of tools, FullStory offers crucial insights into the user journey, aiding companies in delivering stellar user experiences.

About FullStory Inc.

The company behind FullStory, FullStory Inc, has earned a solid reputation as a reliable and innovative vendor in the SaaS industry. Their primary product, FullStory, continues to offer stiff competition to similar SaaS products, standing tall amidst rivals such as Heap, Mixpanel, Pendo, Amplitude, and WalkMe. With an emphasis on providing tools for customer interaction scrutiny, FullStory Inc continues to innovate and lead in its field.

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