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HubSpot Sales

About HubSpot Sales

An instrumental sales software, HubSpot Sales aids teams in closing deals, deepening relationships, and managing their pipelines effectively. Offering both free and premium plans, it comes with rich feature sets such as email templates, sales CRM, sales engagement tools, quote and CPQ functionality, reporting and analytics, and more.

About HubSpot Inc

HubSpot Inc enjoys a reputable standing as a supplier specializing in marketing and sales platforms. Their solutions effectively assist businesses in attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing customers. Their medium market share and Leader category score underscore a strong reputation and position in the market.

HubSpot Sales Pricing

The pricing for HubSpot Sales varies with different tiers:

  • Professional Tier: Ranges from $683 to $1,058 per month. Please note, this doesn't include a one-time professional onboarding fee of $750.
  • Enterprise Tier: Ranges from $749 to $1,080 per month. Under this tier, the cost includes 10 paid users, not including a required, one-time Professional Onboarding fee of $3,000.
  • Starter Tier: Costs around $210 per month and includes 2 paid users.

Contract ranges are also available for different headcounts:

  • For a headcount of 200, the range is $16,800 to $37,100.
  • For a headcount of 1000, the range is $22,700 to $56,800.
  • For a headcount above 1001, the range is $41,000 to $102,200.

Free Trial Availability

HubSpot Sales offers a trial period that lets users explore its rich feature offerings and assess its suitability for their business needs, aiding an informed purchase decision.

Obtaining Discounts

Discounts for HubSpot Sales can be negotiated based on unique user needs and viable alternative solutions. By leveraging such avenues, users can avail significant discounts on their plans.

Compliance and Security

HubSpot Sales is compliant with key industry regulations like GDPR, SOC2 and includes provisions like MFA & SSO. It also adheres to stringent privacy regulations highlighted by its compliance to PII and DPA. Users can be assured of a robust and reliable solution that offers peace of mind.

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