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Intercom Pricing

Intercom is a versatile Customer Messaging Platform used primarily for sales, marketing, and customer support. It offers several pricing bundles. The Early Stage Program comes at a flat rate of $65/mo for up to one year with a 95% discount. The Starter package starts from $74/mo when billed annually, and it includes 2 seats, with a maximum of 25 seats. The Pro and Premium tiers have custom pricing.

Based on the organization's size (headcount), Intercom's contract range may vary. Here is a rough estimate:

  • For headcount: 200 from $45,900.00 to $66,300.00
  • For headcount: 1000 from $20,200.00 to $43,400.00
  • For headcount: 1001 from $68,900.00 to $138,400.00

Free Trial Availability

Intercom doesn't explicitly detail a free trial option on their website. We recommend reaching out directly to Intercom to inquire about any available trial period.

Obtaining Discounts

Several strategies have successfully been used to obtain discounts on Intercom. These include negotiating legal terms for inclusion, leveraging economies of scale and competition with similar providers like Salesforce, demonstrating substantial growth on contract, and adding additional seats. Organizations have seen discounts around 15-33%, with even higher discounts offered under specific circumstances.

On average, you can expect a discount of around 20% on existing prices per additional seat.

Compliance and Security

Intercom upholds high standards in terms of security and compliance. The platform is compliant with GDPR, SOC2, offers MFA & SSO capabilities, and maintains adherence to PII and DPA regulations. In addition, Intercom is ISO27001 certified providing an additional layer of data security.

About Intercom

Founded as “Intercom Inc.”, Intercom has become a chief player in the field of Customer Support technology. Their key offering - Customer Messaging Platform - demonstrates their commitment to real-time, effective communication with customers. They are constantly expanding and enhancing their software, with recent updates to Intercom Messenger and new bot features being noteworthy.

About Intercom Inc.

As Intercom's parent company, Intercom Inc. has not only revolutionized the concept of a customer messaging platform but has also raised the standard for customer service automation software. It has positioned itself to compete with other established players like Salesforce, carving out a unique space in the market with its real-time communication capabilities and innovative features.

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