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Jamf Pricing

Jamf offers various solutions, each with its respective pricing structure:

  • Jamf PRO: Prices range from $13,400 to $125,500 depending on the headcount. You can expect to pay between $44 and $63 per business tier, $3.67 - $7.89 per device per month.
  • Jamf Connect: For different headcounts, the prices range from $19,100 to $111,200. Education tier is priced at $5 per year per device, business tier is priced at $4 per device per month, and the Jamf Connect tier ranges between $21 to $23.
  • Jamf Protect: Prices range from $16,700 to $84,500 for different headcounts. The business tier is priced at $6 per device per month, the education tier is priced at $12 per device per year, and the Jamf Protect tier ranges from $48 to $54.

Free Trial Availability

At the time of writing, Jamf does not offer free trials for its solutions. Please visit Jamf's official website for the most up-to-date information.

Obtaining Discounts

Jamf does not publicly disclose specific discount information. However, it is common in the SaaS industry to offer discounts for upfront payments, long-term contracts, larger user amounts, or for educational and non-profit institutions. To secure a discount, you are encouraged to directly negotiate with Jamf or purchase their product through an established vendor. On average, businesses might secure discounts between 10-20% off the list price.

Compliance and Security

Jamf complies with a series of leading compliance standards including GDPR, SOC2, PII, and DPA. For security, they offer Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities and support Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The company also holds ISO27001 certification, further ensuring data safety and compliance with the highest information security standards.

About Jamf

Jamf offers a suite of solutions for Apple device management suitable for businesses, schools, and hospitals. Their product portfolio includes Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect, and Jamf Protect, each designed for different use cases and needs. The company is known for its reliable solutions and great customer support, with a customer retention rate of 100%.

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