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LeanData Pricing

LeanData is a powerful lead management software designed to enhance account-based sales and marketing strategies. It offers diverse pricing tiers including Enterprise, Standard, Advanced, and Premium. Its pricing ranges fluctuate based on the number of users.

In terms of discounts, LeanData provides flexibility and options for negotiation. Previous customers have secured discounts, waived uplift fees, and renegotiated billing terms. Some have used competitive quotes to maintain their discounted rates. LeanData is also open to custom pricing and discount levers to meet their clients' financial needs.

Free Trial Availability

As of this review, there has been no publicly disclosed free trial availability for LeanData. However, for accurate information, we recommend reaching out to LeanData or consult their official website.

Obtaining Discounts

LeanData offers the possibility of discounts based on contract negotiations and comparison with competitive bids. The supplier demonstrates flexibility in pricing which allows for optimized commercial offers. Past customers have achieved a negotiated savings of approximately $4,224 by avoiding overages and utilizing different strategies such as leveraging competitive quotes.

Compliance and Security

LeanData is compliant with several regulations to ensure data protection and security. This includes GDPR, SOC2, PII, and DPA regulations. Thus, users can be assured their data is handled in compliance with strict rules to protect their privacy and security.

About LeanData

LeanData is a solution built to optimize lead management, particularly for businesses implementing account-based sales and marketing. The platform offers different pricing tiers and flexibilities to accommodate varying business sizes and needs. LeanData provides solutions designed to streamline B2B lead management, making it an essential tool in the SaaS market.

About LeanData Inc.

LeanData Inc., the supplier of LeanData, is reputable in the SaaS market for its powerful lead management software. Their market position has been strengthened by their flexible pricing models and an understanding of their clients' needs, demonstrated by their willingness to engage in pricing discussions and negotiations. Their commitment to security and compliance with various data protection regulations further solidify their reputation in the market.

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