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Looker Pricing

Looker is a powerful business intelligence software and big data analytics platform. It's designed to help users explore, analyze, and share real-time business analytics conveniently.

In terms of pricing, Looker offers various tiers, including Enterprise, Standard, Advanced, Embed, and Elite. Exact pricing details vary based on your organization's headcount and the selected pricing tier. It's important to note that Looker's pricing is set to increase in 2023. Therefore, considering a multi-year contract can be beneficial to secure current pricing rates.

Due to the broad range of pricing structures available, it is recommended to negotiate with the vendor in advance and leverage economies of scale where possible.

Average discounts are dependent on the contract duration and number of users. Please contact your vendor or dedicated account manager for detailed pricing and discount provider.

Free Trial Availability

At the time of writing, detailed information about Looker's free trial availability was not accessible. As this can change over time, we recommend reaching out to Looker directly or checking their official website for the most recent details.

Obtaining Discounts

Negotiating ahead of time with Looker can result in discounts, with further reductions potentially available when signing multi-year contracts. Also, consider the number of users in your organization, as economies of scale often apply, providing lower per-user prices with the more licenses you purchase. The average discount varies and will be discussed personally with the potential buyer.

Compliance and Security

Looker places a high importance on maintaining stringent security protocols and adhering to compliance norms. However, for specific information related to GDPR, SOC2 compliance, MFA & SSO capabilities, and adherence to PII and DPA regulations, it's recommended to contact Looker's support or sales team.

About Looker

Looker is considered a leading player in the Business Intelligence Platform segment, securing a high market share. In 2020, it was acquired by Google, further boosting its reputation and reach.

Implementing Looker into an organization is estimated to take between 3-6 months, and transitioning away can take 6-9 months. When evaluating this product, it's essential to consider these timeframes alongside your business requirements.

About Google

Google, widely known for its search engine, is a multifaceted technology giant. Its vast portfolio encompasses various products and services, including online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google, known for its innovation and influence, has also cemented its position in the business intelligence market through acquiring leading platforms like Looker.

Remember, it's crucial to conduct your research and engage in negotiations with the vendor to secure the most beneficial pricing structure for your organization.

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