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Supplier Relationship Management

Manage all your supplier relationships in one place.

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Your single source of truth

Gain complete visibility over your suppliers.

Collect and manage comprehensive supplier data, including product classification, legal, risk and spend data.

Securely store and organize supplier agreements and records in one central location for quick access.

Facilitate better communication and collaboration between you and your suppliers.

Organize suppliers with ease

Create structure and organization for your supplier relationships.

Categorize, classify, and segment supplier data the way you prefer.

Assign departments, categories, and risk ratings, or create custom properties.

Sync and report on data in 3rd party systems such as ERP or HR software.

“Workflows keeps deals moving from intake form to final contract and allows me to keep track of the statuses depending on type.”
Yurii Panasenko
Yurii Panasenko
Procurement Manager

Streamline supplier intake

Reclaim time and take control by automating your supplier intake process.

Streamline supplier intake and other processes with adaptive request workflows.

Automate intake questions and proactively notify stakeholders of important updates.

Eliminate the inefficiencies and excess workload associated with manual data collection.

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