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Approval Workflows

Eliminate blockers and create greater visibility with a seamless approval process.

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Build workflows in one click

Create simple or complex approval workflows customized to meet your needs.

Rely on templates to build your ideal approval process or create one from scratch.

Build conditional logic and create custom rules.

Easily make updates to ensure due diligence for both renewals and new purchases.

Expedite approvals

Procure software 3x faster by removing bottlenecks.

Parallel Approval

One inbox for all stakeholder reviews with real-time notifications.

Approve requests and send reminders via Slack or email.

Allow requests to be reviewed by simultaneous approvers in parallel.

“Workflows keeps deals moving from intake form to final contract and allows me to keep track of the statuses depending on type.”
Yurii Panasenko
Yurii Panasenko
Procurement Manager

Create better transparency

Better visualize approval steps and give stakeholders a clear view of their request lifecycle.

Get greater clarity on approval blockers.

Set due dates and build timelines into your workflows for approvers.

Collect legal, security and compliance information for stakeholders to easily access.

“Out of the gate, there is a clearer understanding of which tasks are assigned to whom and what the software requirements are. There are fewer surprises for any team.”
Seth Steward photo
Seth Steward
Sr Director IT

Make it easy for stakeholders

Enable lightning-fast approvals from stakeholders, no chasing required.

Route approvals to stakeholders automatically with conditional logic.

One place to view all your assigned and pending approvals.

Notifications in Slack or email with request details and deadlines.

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