How to Embed a Google Drive Image in a Zoho Document Template

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Master the technique of embedding Google Drive images into Zoho Document templates. Streamline your workflow.

Vendr | How do I embed a Google Drive image in a Zoho document template?
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May 1, 2023
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Integrating external images from Google Drive into your Zoho PDF templates can enhance the look and feel of your documents. If you're using Zapier to automate the process, setting this up requires a few specific steps. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you embed a Google Drive image into your Zoho document template.


  • Google Drive account with images you want to embed
  • Zoho account with document templates
  • Zapier account for automating the process

Step-by-Step Guide

Zoho Template Configuration

  1. Navigate to Settings: Log into your Zoho account and go to Settings.
  2. Access Templates: Select Templates from the options available.
  3. Edit HTML: Open the template where you'd like to embed the image and click Edit HTML.
  4. Locate Image Tag: Search for the HTML image tag (<img>) associated with the text field where you want to place the image. It would look like <img src="[FieldID]".

Zapier Workflow for Google Drive

  1. Set Trigger: In Zapier, create a new Zap and set up a trigger for the workflow.
  2. Google Drive Folder: Choose the Google Drive app and configure the action to search for the folder where your images are stored.
  3. File Search: Add another step to search for the specific Google Drive file you want to embed.
  4. Zoho Module Update: In the Zoho update step, find the image field (the same one that you edited in the Zoho template) and paste the URL structure[FileID].

Common Issues

  • Visibility: Make sure your Google Drive images are set to 'Anyone with the link can view', else the images won't display in the Zoho document.
  • URL Structure: Ensure that the URL structure is correctly formatted and that the [FileID] is correctly mapped from the Google Drive step in Zapier.


Embedding Google Drive images in a Zoho PDF template can be relatively straightforward with the help of Zapier. It involves modifying your Zoho document template's HTML code and setting up a Zapier workflow to retrieve and place the Google Drive image. Once set up, this enables a seamless integration for a more dynamic and visually pleasing document.

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