Guide to Importing Adobe Illustrator Files into Figma

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Learn to seamlessly import Adobe Illustrator designs into Figma. A must-read for digital designers.

Vendr | How do you import an Adobe Illustrator file into Figma?
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May 15, 2023
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If you're transitioning from Adobe Illustrator to Figma, you may be wondering how to move your design assets. Unfortunately, Figma doesn't support direct Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file imports. But, there are workarounds to help you import your design files while retaining their details.

Why Import Adobe Illustrator Files into Figma?

  • Transition to Figma: If you're moving your workflow to Figma, you'll likely need to import existing assets.
  • Collaboration: Figma allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time, making it a valuable tool for team projects.


Methods for Importing Adobe Illustrator Files to Figma

1. Using Adobe Illustrator to Export SVG

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator: Launch the application and open your .ai file.
  2. Export as SVG: Go to File -> Export -> SVG.
  3. Import to Figma: Drag and drop the exported SVG file into a Figma document.

2. Using Adobe XD as an Intermediary

  1. Install Adobe XD: If you don't have Illustrator but have the .ai file, download Adobe XD, which is free.
  2. Open the File in XD: Import your Illustrator file into Adobe XD.
  3. Copy-Paste into Figma: Simply copy the design from Adobe XD and paste it into Figma.

3. Using Online Converters

4. Dedicated Conversion Tools

  • XD2Sketch: This platform offers a dedicated Illustrator to Figma converter that might be worth checking out, especially if you encounter issues with other methods.

Issues to Be Aware Of

  • Path Problems: Importing via SVG can sometimes damage paths, requiring extra work in Figma to correct them.
  • Feature Limitations: Not all features may transfer seamlessly from Illustrator to Figma.


While Figma doesn't allow direct .ai imports, various methods enable you to move your Illustrator designs into Figma. The choice of method can depend on the tools you have available and the complexity of your designs.

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