How to Share a Folder in iCloud: A Step-by-Step Guide

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A step-by-step guide to sharing folders in iCloud. Make collaboration easier on your Apple devices.

Vendr | How do you share a folder in iCloud?
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May 19, 2023
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iCloud has introduced shared folders, bringing it on par with other cloud storage services like Dropbox. This new feature is available for users running iOS/iPadOS 13.4 or macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or newer. Even if your collaborators don't have an Apple device, you can still share a folder with them.

Steps to Share an iCloud Folder

On iOS Devices

  1. Locate the Folder: Navigate to the iCloud Drive app and find the folder you wish to share.
  2. Tap and Hold: Press and hold the folder.
  3. Choose 'Share': A menu will pop up. Select the Share option from it.

On Mac

  1. Locate the Folder: Open iCloud Drive on your Mac and find the folder you want to share.
  2. Right-Click: Right-click on the folder.
  3. Sharing Options: Select 'Share' from the context menu that appears.

On iCloud Drive's Web App

  1. Locate the Folder: Find the folder you wish to share.
  2. People Icon: Click on the people icon in the toolbar.

Inviting People

  1. Add People: Once you've selected the share option, click on Add People below the default avatars and app icons.
  2. Send Invites: You can send an invitation through email, iMessage, or any other apps on your device.

Customize Sharing Settings

  • Who Can Access: You can either share the folder with specific people (default) or with anyone who has the link.
  • Edit or View Only: Allow anyone to edit the files in the folder (default), or set it to 'view only'.

Accessing Shared Folders

Recipients will receive an invitation to the shared folder. The link will open by default in iCloud's website, allowing them to view files online if their device isn't up-to-date. If their device is compatible, they can open the shared folder directly.


iCloud's shared folders work seamlessly, much like other cloud storage options. It's a valuable tool for families, teams, and anyone looking to collaborate on files and documents. Once a folder is shared, any changes or additions are synced to all collaborators' devices.

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