How to Use Figma on an iPad: A Comprehensive Guide

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Master Figma on your iPad with this comprehensive guide. Go mobile with your design work.

Vendr | How do you use Figma on an iPad?
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May 24, 2023
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Figma is a popular design tool known for its collaborative features, but one limitation has been its lack of a native iOS app for iPads. If you find yourself needing to use Figma on an iPad, however, you're not entirely out of luck. With the right operating system and accessories, you can run Figma in a browser and perform most of its key functions. Here's how to make it work.


  • iPad with iPadOS: Make sure your iPad is running on iPadOS, or at least iOS 13 or later, as Figma's browser compatibility relies on these versions.

Using Figma on iPad’s Browser

Open Figma in Safari

  1. Launch Safari: Open the Safari browser on your iPad.
  2. Navigate to Figma: Go to the Figma website and sign in as you would on a desktop.
  3. Open Your Project: Navigate to your desired project or file. Figma should work mostly the same as it does on a desktop.


Navigation and Controls

While Figma in a browser on an iPad functions similarly to its desktop version, there are some limitations when using touch controls. However, these can be mitigated with the use of accessories.

Using Your Finger

Navigating Figma with your finger can be cumbersome. Precision tasks, like selecting small elements or manipulating anchor points, are particularly difficult. While possible, this method is generally not recommended for detailed work.

Using a Mouse

If you want more precise control, you can connect a mouse to your iPad. This will allow you to perform tasks with the same level of precision as on a desktop.

  1. Pair Mouse via Bluetooth: Go to your iPad settings and pair your mouse through the Bluetooth settings.
  2. Use as Desktop: Once paired, you can use the mouse as you would on a desktop, providing a far better experience than using touch controls.

Using an Apple Pencil

An Apple Pencil offers another precise way to interact with Figma on an iPad. The stylus can be particularly helpful for tasks that require detail and finesse.

  1. Pair Your Apple Pencil: If you haven't done so already, pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad.
  2. Natural Designing: Once paired, you can draw and design more naturally than using your finger, making it a useful tool for more intricate design tasks.


While Figma doesn't offer a native iPad app, running it through Safari on an iPad with iPadOS can be a viable option, especially when using additional accessories like a mouse or an Apple Pencil. It may not be as smooth as the desktop experience, but it's certainly useful for those moments when you're away from your computer and need to make quick changes or collaborate on the go.

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