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Mutiny Pricing

According to the latest data, Mutiny's contract pricing varies based on an organization's headcount. For a company with a headcount of 200, the price range could be anywhere from $17,800 to $32,000 annually. As the headcount increases, so does the cost of the product. Organizations with a headcount of about 1,000 could expect to spend between $28,100 and $51,600. For companies with a headcount surpassing 1,001, the cost can range from $43,000 to $91,500 annually.

It's also worth mentioning the discounts possible through negotiation and utilization of platforms like Vendr. In the past, users have secured up to a 19% discount on a 12-month term and received a 25% rebate using Vendr Cash. These cost-savings opportunities highlight the advantage of informed negotiation when it comes to software procurement.

Mutiny Competitors


Hushly is a major competitor in the B2B technology marketplace. This SaaS platform is widely recognized for its lead generation and conversion capabilities and is especially popular in the marketing and sales industry. It offers unique features such as AI-drive engagement, adaptive content hubs, and ABM conversion tools.


Intellimize is another significant player in the space. Their platform leverages artificial intelligence to drive personalization and conversion optimization. It is particularly well-received for its real-time website personalization capabilities, aiming to deliver a unique, compelling experience to each visitor.


Optimizely offers a wide range of tools for experimentation and personalization. Known for its enterprise-level A/B testing platform, it provides strong competition to Mutiny in terms of market standing and feature set. Optimizely's strength lies in data-driven decision-making, with features like progressive delivery and experiment analytics.

Mutiny Negotiation Insights

When negotiating contracts with Mutiny, it's essential to understand factors affecting their pricing and terms. The Vendr platform provides insight into beneficial levers and commercial items to negotiate more efficiently.

Discount Levers

One possible discount lever for Mutiny could be a long-term commitment. By agreeing to a multi-year contract, customers can often negotiate a lower annual rate.

Commercial Items

A commercial item to consider when negotiating with Mutiny is the rate lock. By having a rate lock clause in the contract, your company will be protected from pricing increases during the contract term.

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Community Insights for Mutiny

Here are some recent insights from the Vendr community:

  1. One user reported a 19% discount on a 12-month term and a 25% rebate with Vendr Cash. This insight was posted 1 month ago.
  2. Another user successfully used Vendr+ Benefits with Mutiny to streamline the purchasing process. This insight was posted 4 months ago.

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Mutiny Overview

Mutiny is a no-code AI platform designed to assist marketers in transforming their top-of-funnel demand into notable revenue, eliminating the need for engineering resources. Falling under the classification of website optimization within the expansive realm of marketing, Mutiny's influence is vast reaching, serving companies with headcounts ranging from 200 to over 1000.

Compliance and Security

When it comes to compliance, Mutiny adheres to key regulations including GDPR and SOC2, ensuring the protection of personal data. Additionally, Mutiny confirms to PII standards preserving personally identifiable information. His security protocol suite remains undisclosed, therefore the availability of MFA & SSO capabilities remains to be clarified.

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