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On-demand negotiation services.

We provide two delivery models to help your team drive savings.

Background support: You take the lead, armed with our experience.

Step into the spotlight as the driving force behind negotiations. With support from Vendr’s SaaS experts, you’ll strategize, learn tactics, and navigate approvals for purchasing.

Empowerment in negotiations using actual transaction data.

Strategic partnerships with industry experts.

Supplier-facing: We take the lead; you get your time back.

SaaS category experts work directly with your suppliers to drive savings, giving you time back to remain strategic. We’ve got it.

Direct supplier negotiations

Collect documents required for approvals.

Streamlined internal approvals.

“Negotiation was the core service we were looking for. Partnering with Vendr brought this service and much more. The platform helped bring order to their process.”
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Taylor Martin
VP Operations & Strategy
Vendr | SaaS Trends Report

Get timely insights on the state of the software market with Vendr's SaaS Trends Buying Report for Q1 2023.

Vendr | Partner for procurement success

Discover how to negotiate SaaS contracts effectively and save costs. Learn key tips for pricing, renewals, support, warranties, and vendor relationships.

Slash your costs. Reclaim your time.

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