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Negotiation Advisory

Connect with Vendr experts for support and advice anytime you need it.

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Your SaaS support team

Get real-time expert advice on your SaaS purchases and renewals.

Chat with a SaaS Advisor to get personalized advice and guidance.

Schedule a call with a negotiation expert to get help with deals, no matter how complex.

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SaaS Advisor from anywhere in the platform.

Intelligence at your fingertips

Negotiate, renew, and purchase like a pro with expert insights and support.

Get instant access to SaaS data and negotiation playbooks.

Gain a deeper understanding of the suppliers you’re considering purchasing.

Upload contracts directly into the chat for a price check or review by expert negotiators.

Vendr is a seamless extension of your own team, especially if you purchase a lot of SaaS – ensuring you get a fair shake and have confidence in deals.”
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Seth Steward

Real-time negotiation support

Confidently enter into a negotiation, knowing you have a trusted expert in your corner.

Receive expert advice and talk tracks.

Quickly and efficiently get the information you need to negotiate the best possible price.

Gain insights into your supplier to negotiate more effectively.

"It's been extremely satisfying working with Vendr, knowing that we’re improving our process and making all our lives easier while saving tons on our SaaS spend."
Gavin Zee

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