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Zendesk Pricing

Zendesk offers a variety of pricing tiers catered to your business needs. Some key pricing information is as follows:

  • Tier Support Professional: $49 per agent/month $588/year for 1 agent or $59 per agent/month, $5,880/year for 10 agents
  • Tier Support Enterprise: $125 per agent/month or $99 per agent/month $1,188/year for 1 agent, $11,880/year for 10 agents
  • Tier Support Team: $19 per agent/month $228/year for 1 agent, $25 per agent/month or $2,280/year for 10 agents

Contract ranges for different headcounts are also available:

  • 200 headcount: $19,400.00 to $37,200.00
  • 1000 headcount: $36,500.00 to $91,900.00
  • 1001+ headcount: $67,100.00 to $142,700.00

Free Trial Availability

Zendesk Guide offers a free trial for users to experience their product.

Obtaining Discounts

Users can negotiate discounts during the contracting phase. The average savings for customers is around 0.2%.

Compliance and Security

Zendesk adheres to the highest industry standards of compliance. The company is certified under GDPR, SOC2, possesses MFA & SSO capabilities, and meets ISO27001 standards. Furthermore, they are fully compliant with PII and DPA regulations.

About Zendesk

Zendesk Inc., a leader in the Customer Support category, provides users with a reputable Help Desk solution. They have an average customer size of 600 and a retention rate of 55.91%. The estimated time to close a deal with Zendesk is around 52 days.

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