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Master your expenses with the top 10 expense management software tools. Streamline tracking, reporting, and reimbursement processes, gain valuable insights, and optimize your business's financial health.

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May 31, 2023
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No matter what industry you’re in, effective expense management software is vital. Besides maintaining accurate financial records, these tools aid in budgeting, forecasting, and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

With the right expense management software, businesses of all sizes can manage their spending more efficiently and effectively.


Understanding expense management software

Expense management software is designed to simplify the process of tracking, recording, and analyzing business expenses. These tools can automate various tasks such as receipt scanning, expense report creation, reimbursement processing, and policy compliance checking. By using this type of software, businesses can reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and gain better insight into their spending.


The top expense management software tools on the market

Here are the top 10 expense management software tools that stand out today:

1. Expensify

Expensify has carved out a prominent place for itself in the field of expense management software due to its user-centric design and comprehensive set of capabilities. It serves as a great tool for businesses of varying sizes, from freelancers to large enterprises.

One of the standout features of Expensify is SmartScan. This feature enables users to capture receipt images using their smartphone, after which the software automatically reads and extracts the necessary information. This not only significantly reduces the manual work involved in expense tracking but also minimizes the risk of errors that can occur when details are entered manually.

Another noteworthy component of Expensify's software is Concierge, an AI-powered virtual assistant. Concierge can handle an array of tasks such as submitting expense reports, approving them, handling reimbursements, and even archiving expenses. It automates these routine tasks, freeing up users to focus on more strategic work. For employees who are frequent travelers, this feature can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks.

2. Concur Expense

SAP's Concur Expense is a leading solution in the realm of expense management. It offers a robust suite of features that cover all facets of expense management, making it a comprehensive tool for businesses of many shapes and sizes.

Concur Expense excels at managing the expense approval workflow. The software allows for customization of approval processes to match the unique requirements of each business. It can handle multi-tiered approval chains, and approvers can review and approve expenses from anywhere, thanks to Concur Expense's mobile capabilities.

When it comes to reimbursement, Concur Expense streamlines the process, significantly reducing the time taken from submission to payment. This can contribute to improved employee satisfaction, particularly for organizations where frequent travel and expense reporting are common.

A unique feature that sets Concur Expense apart from some other expense management tools is its integration with travel booking systems. This feature allows users to plan and book travel itineraries within the platform itself, with travel expenses automatically flowing into the expense management system. This seamless integration can lead to a more efficient process and a reduction in errors, as there's no need to manually enter travel expenses.

Furthermore, Concur Expense also supports global usage with its multi-currency and multi-language features. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses with a global presence or those looking to expand internationally.

3. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense, a component of the comprehensive Zoho suite of business software solutions, is an impactful tool for expense management. Designed to simplify the often-complicated expense reporting process, Zoho Expense offers a multitude of features that aim to streamline the expense reporting process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

The software provides real-time expense tracking, offering insights into business spending as it happens. This feature not only allows businesses to keep a close eye on their expenses but also enables them to make timely adjustments to stay within budget.

For businesses that need to track expenses for specific projects, Zoho Expense offers project-based expense tracking. This feature provides a clear view of project-related spending and aides in accurate budgeting.

Integration is a strong suit of Zoho Expense. As part of the Zoho suite, it seamlessly integrates with other Zoho products, ensuring a smooth flow of data across the different applications. But Zoho Expense doesn’t limit itself to internal integrations—it also connects with external tools like QuickBooks and Xero, which allows financial data to be synchronized across platforms. It even integrates with communication tools like Slack, facilitating quick and efficient communication related to expense reporting.

4. Certify

Certify is a comprehensive expense management solution that’s been designed to serve businesses of all sizes. Its rich array of features, user-friendly interface, and flexibility make it a strong contender in the realm of expense management software.

The auto-fill expense reports function is a favorite among Certify customers. With this feature, expense reports are automatically populated with receipt data. This reduces the time required to complete expense reports and further diminishes the risk of data entry errors. Users can review and edit the auto-filled data, ensuring the accuracy of the reports.

Another distinguishing feature of Certify is its fast reimbursement process. Once an expense report is approved, reimbursements are processed quickly, improving the employee experience and reducing the time lag between expense occurrence and reimbursement. Certify also provides valuable insights into spending patterns through its analytics and reporting tools. These tools enable businesses to analyze their expenses in depth, identify trends, and spot potential areas for cost savings. Detailed, insightful reports can be generated with a few clicks, making it easy for businesses to monitor and manage their expenses effectively.

5. Coupa

Coupa, a leader in the field of business spend management, offers a robust expense management module as part of its suite of business tools. The solution has been designed to streamline the entire expense management process, from receipt capture to approval workflows, reimbursement, and reporting. Coupa's expense management capabilities are known for their advanced features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration capabilities.

Policy compliance checks are a crucial feature of Coupa's expense management software. By leveraging this tool, businesses can ensure that all expense claims comply with their internal expense policies. The software automatically checks each claim against the set policies and flags any violations for review. This helps maintain financial control and integrity, preventing misuse and fraud.

Beyond facilitating the expense reporting and approval process, Coupa provides powerful spending analytics that enable businesses to gain insights into their spending habits. By leveraging these analytics, businesses can identify trends, spot anomalies, and discover opportunities for cost savings. Coupa's intuitive, graphical reports make it easy to interpret the data and make informed decisions.

What sets Coupa apart from many other expense management solutions is its open integrations platform. Coupa can seamlessly integrate with almost any other business system, including ERP, accounting, HR, and travel booking systems. This interoperability ensures that expense data flows smoothly across different platforms, providing a holistic view of the company's finances.

6. Abacus

Abacus stands out in the field of expense management solutions by focusing on real-time expense reporting. Unlike traditional expense reporting methods where employees accumulate receipts to submit in a monthly or weekly expense report, Abacus promotes the submission of expenses as they occur. This real-time approach ensures that the finance team has timely access to expense data, allowing for faster, more accurate financial reporting and forecasting.

The core feature of Abacus is its capability to automatically approve and reimburse expenses. Using custom rules set by the business, Abacus can review incoming expenses and, if they meet the established criteria, automatically approve and process them for reimbursement. This automation can significantly speed up the reimbursement cycle, reducing the time employees need to wait to be reimbursed. It also minimizes the administrative burden on the finance team and managers by reducing the volume of expenses that need manual review.

Despite its robust capabilities, Abacus has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for all users, regardless of their technical expertise. On the mobile app, employees can quickly snap pictures of their receipts, submit expenses, and track the status of their reimbursement. Managers can review and approve expenses, set up rules, and access reports, all from the same platform.

7. Emburse

Emburse offers a wide range of features designed to streamline the expense reporting process for businesses of all sizes. From sole proprietors to multinational corporations, businesses can customize Emburse to suit their specific needs, making it a highly versatile tool.

The cornerstone of Emburse's expense management capabilities lies in its ease of use. With receipt scanning features, employees can simply take a photo of their receipt, and Emburse will automatically extract the necessary information, reducing the need for manual data entry. This feature not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of human error.

Emburse also enables seamless credit card integration. Corporate credit card transactions can be directly imported into the platform, where they can be matched with corresponding receipts. This feature can significantly streamline the expense reconciliation process.

Emburse offers a comprehensive, feature-rich expense management solution that can simplify the expense reporting process, provide insights into spending patterns, and integrate seamlessly with other business systems.

8. Rydoo

Rydoo is a comprehensive expense management solution designed to streamline the often complex and time-consuming task of tracking, categorizing, approving, and reimbursing business expenses.

In terms of reimbursement, Rydoo aims to speed up this often slow process. By automating the approval and reimbursement processes, Rydoo can help businesses reduce the time between an expense being incurred and reimbursed. This feature is particularly beneficial for employees who frequently incur business expenses and depend on timely reimbursements.

To facilitate real-time expense tracking and approval, Rydoo offers an interactive dashboard that provides a live view of all expenses as they are incurred. Managers can review and approve expenses directly from the dashboard, providing them with greater control over business expenses and enabling faster approval times.

Overall, Rydoo offers a versatile and comprehensive expense management solution that combines user-friendly features with powerful automation capabilities. Whether it's capturing receipts, categorizing expenses, approving reimbursements, or integrating with other business systems, Rydoo has the features and flexibility to meet the unique expense management needs of any business.

9. Pleo

Pleo is an innovative expense management platform that merges smart company payment cards with a feature-rich mobile app and a comprehensive management dashboard. This unique fusion brings a refreshing approach to expense management, making business spending more transparent, controllable, and efficient.

The highlight of Pleo's offering is its smart company cards. These aren’t ordinary payment cards; they’re intelligent tools that can be tailored to each employee's role and spending needs. Managers can set custom limits and rules for each card, such as restricting spending to certain categories or setting a monthly expenditure cap. This level of granular control can help businesses prevent overspending and misuse of company funds.

The Pleo cards are directly linked to the Pleo mobile app, providing real-time visibility into all transactions. When an employee makes a purchase, they instantly receive a notification asking them to snap a picture of the receipt and add any necessary details. This immediate digital capture not only simplifies the expense reporting process but also ensures that all expenses are properly documented and substantiated.

The Pleo app also has a feature that allows employees to request funds. If an employee needs to make a purchase that exceeds their card limit, they can send a funding request directly from the app. Managers receive these requests in real-time and can approve or deny them with a single click.

10. Spendesk

Spendesk is a comprehensive spend management platform designed to help businesses streamline their expenditure processes. It offers a host of robust expense management features such as smart company cards, automatic receipt capture, and automatic expense categorization. With its array of features, Spendesk makes business spending more transparent and efficient.

Spendesk excels in the realm of receipt management. When an employee makes a purchase with their Spendesk card, they receive a notification prompting them to capture a picture of the receipt. The software then automatically reads the receipt details, categorizes the expense, and matches it to the corresponding card transaction. This digital, real-time process not only simplifies expense reporting for employees but also ensures that all transactions are accurately documented and substantiated.

But Spendesk is more than just an expense management tool. One of its standout features is its budgeting capability, which provides businesses with a proactive approach to managing spending. Managers can create custom budgets for different teams, projects, or expenditure categories, and track these budgets in real-time through the Spendesk dashboard. This functionality can help businesses avoid budget overruns and gain a better understanding of their spending patterns.

Choosing the right expense management software

Choosing the right expense management software for your business depends on various factors, such as the size of your business, the nature of your expenses, your budget, and your specific needs. Consider these factors and take advantage of free trials or demos when evaluating different tools.

Whether you're a small business owner looking to manage your expenses more efficiently or a finance manager in a large corporation, these top 10 expense management software tools can save you time, resources, and also provide valuable insights into your business's financial health.


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