Vendr & Slack

Easily integrate Vendr-related notifications with Slack to stay up-to-date with all your procurement processes

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Seamless integration

If your team is like Vendr or one of the 2M+ users of Slack, you use Slack to keep conversations and information continuously flowing throughout your business. That means that you spend a lot of time within Slack. Now, with Vendr’s Slack integration, you can stay right where you already are to get updates on your workflow notifications and contract renewal reminders.

Seamless integration in the Vendr Slack integration
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Direct access to Workflows

Stay up to date with each Workflow notification to understand where a deal is within your procurement process. Users can view and complete certain Workflow tasks, like approvals, directly from Slack.

Direct access to Workflows in the Vendr Slack integration
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Deadline reminders

Never miss a renewal deadline with Contract renewal notifications. You can receive updates and insights directly in Slack to ensure your team has access to the tools they need.

Deadline reminders in the Vendr Slack integration

Next Steps

To get started, find Integrations within your Vendr account under Admin. Go to the Available Integrations page, scroll down to the Messaging section and find the card for Slack and click Add.

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