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Perfect your SaaS purchasing process

Perfect your SaaS purchasing process

What grade would you give your company's software purchasing process? If you think there's room for improvement, this guide is for you. Learn the top 10 ways to instantly upgrade how you manage and buy software. Then, watch as your dollar and time savings compound over time.

2022 SaaS buying trends report

In our second annual trend report, we share what we’ve learned from saving our customers over $240M in SaaS spend — and what we anticipate 2023 will bring.

The simple & standard SaaS contract

An initiative to free everyone from SaaS redlines, created by SaaS attorneys and leaders like you. Skip redlining, sell faster, and maintain legal protection with a standard agreement.

Software vendor management for IT: A guide to managing and scaling SaaS

Learn about all the ways a vendor management system can improve your overall ITAM practice, the benefits of taking an automated approach to both software, and how Finance and IT teams can best collaborate on implementation.

Customizable template: How to request and buy software

Outline your company's software purchasing process and empower stakeholders to efficiently identify needs, evaluate options, and request SaaS solutions using this customizable template.

Your SaaS stack template

Finally, a way to organize all of the software across your company. Centralize your SaaS information, get better visibility into spend, and identify where you can start saving.

The ultimate SaaS buying guide for finance professionals

Companies are under more pressure than ever to make conscious software buying decisions. Get finance best practices from over $300M in SaaS transactions and revamp your software buying process.

2021 SaaS buying trends report

We recently hit $100M in SaaS savings for our customers, and our buying experts are sharing everything they learned along the way. Find out how our customers navigated software procurement in 2021 and what we anticipate for 2022.

Perfect the SaaS buying lifecycle

SaaS management and buying just got a whole lot easier. We share how the world’s fastest-growing organizations leverage the power of SaaS management visibility with negotiations that save time and money.

A self-guided tour of Vendr

Get an inside look into the platform where you can discover and buy new tools, see how much you're saving on software, and stay up to date on all of your deals.

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