Speed up your purchase process with Vendr’s HR integrations


With Vendr's newest integrations, keep your HR data in sync and ensure that your procurement process within Vendr workflows is always up-to-date and aligned with organizational changes.

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Allan Luk
Published on
May 3, 2023
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Running a great procurement process requires managing how teams and individuals work together — but it gets complicated when members of your team switch roles, join, or leave the company. When setting up managerial approvals or legal team approvals in Workflows, how do you keep the work flowing while ensuring the right people are involved?

Easy. You integrate your HR systems directly into Vendr. Let Vendr keep everything in sync and running smoothly so you can stay strategic.

Enrich your Vendr Workflows with HR data

With Vendr’s newest integrations, you can keep your HR data in Vendr synced to ensure that your procurement process within Vendr workflows is always up-to-date and aligned with any organizational changes that happen. Quickly and easily integrate your team members into Vendr's workflows, which lets everyone perform their tasks faster, spending less time on manual coordination.

Improve collaboration for your procurement workflows

Equip your stakeholders and teams to quickly set up workflows with confidence knowing the right people are involved.

With the right teams and roles integrated into your workflows you can accurately assignhave accuracy in assigning tasks. This ensures that you’re tagging in the right internal owners for approvals.. This ability With HR integration, you reduce the number of administrative tasks in following up with different stakeholders and teams.

By integrating with HR data that includes job titles, team structure, and contact information, everyone involved in the purchase will be able to identify where they are in the process, who owns the next steps, and if any additional information is needed to get the purchase to the finish line. Spend less time chasing paper trails and more time completing workflows to get the tools your teams need.


Available HR software integrations

Start your integration within Vendr to streamline your Workflow management. We’ve integrated with eleven of the most popular HR software products on the market to eliminate the manual process of inputting your teams or individual stakeholders into Vendr.

Connect to tools like:

See our Help Docs for more information about setting up additional Vendr integrations.

Get started with Workflows + HR Integrations

Vendr Workflows provide a comprehensive solution for streamlining your procurement process. Automate intakes and approvals, reduce administrative tasks and get better visibility across your organization. Vendr's integrations allow you to bring useful data in from the other tools your organization relies on. This data can give you deeper visibility into your spending, your SaaS stack, and in some cases, the people using those products.

In addition to procurement automation capabilities, Vendr offers SaaS consultant services to help you negotiate the best prices and ensure your procurement process runs smoothly. With Vendr's extensive database of SaaS products, dynamic market insights, pricing predictions, and compliance details, you can save time and make better-informed decisions about every software purchase.

So if you're looking to revolutionize your software buying experience and optimize your spending, contact us to start using Vendr Workflows.


Allan Luk
Sr. Technical Product Manager
Allan, as the Senior Technical Product Manager at Vendr, is responsible for our product integrations.

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