What is ZoomInfo & How Do They Get Their Data?

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You may know that ZoomInfo is a useful tool for sales, marketing, and talent acquisition. But beyond this brief description, what exactly is ZoomInfo and how does it deliver value to today’s businesses?

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March 13, 2024
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You may know that ZoomInfo is a useful tool for sales, marketing, and talent acquisition. But beyond this brief description, what exactly is ZoomInfo and how does it deliver value to today’s businesses?

Our SaaS experts here at Vendr are more than happy to share their insights so your organization can get the information needed to make the right software decisions.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What is ZoomInfo?
  • ZoomInfo plans.
  • Who can benefit from using ZoomInfo?
  • Key ZoomInfo features (including AI).
  • ZoomInfo vs. the competition.
  • How does ZoomInfo get their data?
  • ZoomInfo FAQs.

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) database and intelligence platform that provides organizations with access to detailed company and contact information. It enables a wide range of services — including lead generation, sales prospecting, and marketing outreach — by aggregating data from various sources and organizing it into a searchable database. 

ZoomInfo is among the most popular SaaS products on the market today. In fact, ZoomInfo is the top-purchased sales analytics tool on the Vendr Buying Platform and was the sixth most-renewed SaaS product in 2023. 

What is ZoomInfo used for?

ZoomInfo helps businesses enhance their sales and marketing efforts by providing accurate and up-to-date information on companies, decision-makers, and market trends, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive growth.

ZoomInfo plans

ZoomInfo has several different plans associated with its products that organizations may find useful for their sales and marketing goals. These plans include:

  • SalesOS: A comprehensive sales intelligence platform designed to streamline sales workflows, improve prospecting efficiency, enable B2B sales, and drive revenue growth for businesses.
  • MarketingOS: A robust marketing intelligence and lead generation platform that empowers marketers with data-driven insights, advanced targeting capabilities, and integrated campaign management tools to optimize their marketing strategies and drive lead generation.
  • OperationsOS: A cutting-edge operations intelligence platform designed to streamline processes, enhance data quality, and optimize performance across sales, marketing, and other business functions through its powerful automation and integration capabilities.
  • TalentOS: An innovative talent intelligence platform that provides recruiters and HR professionals with comprehensive tools for sourcing, evaluating, and engaging with top talent, ultimately driving more efficient and effective hiring processes.
ZoomInfo Plans

Across each of these plans, ZoomInfo also offers different levels of support:

  • Standard: Free support
  • Preferred: Personalized care
  • Premium: White-glove, expedited service

In terms of pricing, exact numbers for ZoomInfo products and features can vary. Vendr data indicates that the median average contract value for Netsuite is $54k with a median buying cycle of 38 days. 

Not sure what plan is right for your organization? Use Vendr to find out — our customers see a median savings of $15,700 on their Zoominfo subscriptions. For more information on pricing, check out our ZoomInfo Buyer’s Guide

Who can benefit from using ZoomInfo? 

ZoomInfo's services cater to various needs across different sectors of business, making it a versatile tool for organizations of all sizes and industries. Departments that can benefit from ZoomInfo include:

  • Sales: These teams benefit from ZoomInfo's extensive database for lead generation, prospect identification, and personalized sales outreach.
  • Marketing: Marketing professionals can leverage ZoomInfo's precise targeting capabilities to tailor campaigns, maximize ROI, and reach specific audiences effectively.
  • HR: Recruiters can utilize ZoomInfo's talent intelligence platform for streamlined candidate sourcing, comprehensive candidate profiles, and efficient engagement strategies.
  • Business development: Business stakeholders rely on ZoomInfo for in-depth market research, competitor analysis, and identifying new growth opportunities.


Key ZoomInfo features (including AI) 

ZoomInfo offers a suite of features designed to empower businesses, including:

  • Comprehensive B2B Database: ZoomInfo provides access to an extensive database of company and contact information (including technographics and firmographics), enabling users to target their ideal customers with ease.
  • Real-time Data Updates: ZoomInfo continuously updates its database in real-time, making it a valuable marketing intelligence tool for enabling business agility and ensuring that users have access to the latest information, including changes in company ownership, personnel updates, and other relevant details.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, ZoomInfo provides predictive analytics, trend analysis, and suggestions to help users prioritize leads, identify market opportunities, and optimize their sales and marketing strategies.
  • Automated Workflows: ZoomInfo offers marketing automation features that streamline repetitive tasks such as lead enrichment, data cleansing, notifications, and email outreach, freeing up valuable time for sales and marketing professionals to focus on high-value activities.
  • Integration with CRM Systems: Seamless integration with popular SaaS software allows for smooth data syncing and workflow continuity, ensuring that sales and marketing teams have access to ZoomInfo's data within their existing tools and workflows.

ZoomInfo vs. the competition

Here’s how ZoomInfo stacks up against similar software for go-to-market (GTM) teams. 


ZoomInfo boasts an extensive database renowned for its accuracy and breadth across industries, offering AI-driven insights and predictive analytics to empower users with actionable recommendations. 

In contrast, Apollo focuses more on personalized email outreach to business contacts and cadence management, with features like sequence automation and email tracking, appealing to businesses seeking streamlined email-centric prospecting tools. 

While ZoomInfo caters to larger enterprises and mid-market companies with complex needs, Apollo may better suit smaller businesses or startups looking for email automation features and simplified outreach workflows.


ZoomInfo contains a comprehensive database and advanced analytics, catering to businesses seeking in-depth data and AI-driven insights. Meanwhile, LeadIQ specializes in streamlined lead generation, allowing users to read and capture contact information directly from web browsers and LinkedIn profiles.

ZoomInfo is typically better used by sales and marketing teams looking for extensive data coverage and sophisticated analytics tools to power a range of GTM activities, while LeadIQ is more helpful for those specifically seeking efficiency in lead generation and prospecting workflows.


ZoomInfo provides data and insights for sales and marketing professionals across industries. On the flip side, RevenueBase specializes in financial data analysis, offering detailed analysis of companies' financial metrics to help users optimize sales strategies based on financial health and growth potential.

ZoomInfo caters to businesses seeking sophisticated analytics tools for GTM. Meanwhile, RevenueBase is ideal for users interested in leveraging curated financial data to inform strategic decision-making and prioritize sales efforts. 

How does ZoomInfo get their data?

ZoomInfo gathers data from a variety of reputable sources, employing advanced automation and validation processes to ensure accuracy and reliability. Some of the key data-gathering methods include:

  • Web Crawling: ZoomInfo utilizes web crawlers to scour the internet for publicly available information on company websites, contact data, phone numbers, job titles, social media profiles, news articles, press releases, and other online sources.
  • Data Partnerships: ZoomInfo collaborates with trusted data partners to access additional business data, enriching its database with diverse and up-to-date information.
  • User Contributions: Users of ZoomInfo's platform may contribute data through voluntary submissions, such as updating their own professional profiles or providing insights on companies they are associated with.
  • AI/ML: ZoomInfo employs machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze and interpret data patterns, improve data quality, and enhance predictive capabilities.


Is the information provided by ZoomInfo reliable?

ZoomInfo employs advanced technology, manual verification processes, and data partnerships to ensure accurate and up-to-date data.

What kind of data can I get from ZoomInfo?

Users of ZoomInfo's lead generation platform can access a wide range of data including detailed company profiles, contact information for key decision-makers, industry insights, market trends, prospecting, and sales data.

Can I opt out of ZoomInfo’s database?

Yes. ZoomInfo offers a simple process via its privacy center to remove your information from its database.

What makes ZoomInfo different from other sales intelligence tools?

ZoomInfo has a comprehensive database, advanced technology for data collection and verification, and the ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information on companies and contacts, empowering sales teams with valuable insights to drive growth.


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