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ZoomInfo Pricing

ZoomInfo pricing varies depending on the specific product and the size of your organization. We've broken down pricing tiers for different ZoomInfo products below:

  • ZoomInfo Enrich Pricing
    • For companies with a headcount of 200, pricing ranges from $20,600 to $37,300
    • For companies with a headcount of 1,000, pricing ranges from $31,900 to $66,400
    • For companies with a headcount over 1,000, pricing ranges from $89,400 to $140,400
  • ZoomInfo Chat Pricing
    • For companies with a headcount of 200, pricing ranges from $15,600 to $31,400
    • For companies with a headcount of 1,000, pricing ranges from $23,100 to $48,900
    • For companies with a headcount over 1,000, pricing ranges from $41,700 to $88,000
  • SalesOS Pricing
    • For a companies with a headcount of 200, pricing ranges from $24,800 to $44,200
    • For companies with a headcount of 1,000, pricing ranges from $50,200 to $113,800
    • For companies with a headcount over 1,000, pricing ranges from $83,200 to $161,900
  • UserZoom Pricing
    • For companies with a headcount of 200, pricing ranges from $14,400 to $29,800
    • For companies with a headcount of 1,000, pricing ranges from $23,600 to $46,300
    • For companies with a headcount over 1,000, pricing ranges from $57,000 to $117,100

ZoomInfo Negotiation Insights

In evaluating their SaaS options, users often look beyond the quoted price to negotiate for more value. In this regard, ZoomInfo stands out with various leverages and commercial terms that can be adjusted for a better deal.

Discount Levers

One of the common discount levers for ZoomInfo is the longer-term commitment. By committing to a multi-year subscription, users can typically negotiate for a significant reduction off the list price. This leverage is typically accorded to enterprises making substantial commitments in terms of user numbers and duration, but is not exclusively available to them.

Commercial Items

For the commercial aspect, users might consider the data enrichment feature. This is a premium feature that supplements the prospect data ZoomInfo provides with additional insights. Users can negotiate to have this feature added to their package for more comprehensive intelligence on potential leads, helping to maximize the ROI of their ZoomInfo subscription.

To uncover all 20+ discount levers and commercial aspects available for ZoomInfo, sign up for a free forever Vendr account. This would provide you with more information to empower your procurement negotiations for a more value-packed SaaS contract.

Community Insights for ZoomInfo

Here are a couple of recent insights:

  1. "Negative experience with ZoomInfo can help with pricing. ZoomInfo is working to provide value and help resolve issues. EOQs are in September, December, March, and June, and they heavily discount before their next quarter. They have shown a willingness to work with budget constraints and offer discounts for multi-year contracts."
  2. "ZoomInfo offers a range of different platforms and additional products. Pricing often depends on your specific usage and the commercial items under consideration. They also have various options for billing, upgrades, and free forever accounts. You can get competitive bids and send an opt-out notice if you're considering changing providers. Usage reports can be reviewed for optimization purposes."

For more insightful information, sign up for a free forever Vendr account to access numerous other community insights available for ZoomInfo. Spend some time learning about the expected timeframe for implementing ZoomInfo, what you should anticipate for your renewal, and other discount levers you can implement if you find yourself stuck during the negotiation process.

Please note: The total number of ZoomInfo community insights that are available after signing up may vary.

ZoomInfo Competitors


6sense, just like ZoomInfo, is a comprehensive sales intelligence tool and one of its key competitors. It leverages predictive analytics to help users identify prospective customers and accurately predict sales.

Check out our guide on 6sense pricing for more info. is a robust sales intelligence platform that competes with ZoomInfo. It is widely used for lead generation and sales prospecting, offering features like targeted emails, call scripts, and more.

Check out our guide on pricing for more info.


Cognism is a key competitor for ZoomInfo in the field of sales intelligence. It provides B2B sales teams with a wide range of data and technology that helps to find and reach new customers more efficiently.

Check out our guide on Cognism pricing for more info.


Challenging ZoomInfo in the area of prospecting and lead generation, LeadIQ offers users the ability to capture customer data in real-time and integrates with major CRM systems to streamline the sales process.

Check out our guide on LeadIQ pricing for more info.


Lusha presents stiff competition to ZoomInfo by providing accessibility to B2B contact and company information. With Lusha, sales teams can identify, engage and close the right prospects, using accurate B2B insights.

Check out our guide on Lusha pricing for more info.

ZoomInfo Overview

ZoomInfo is a comprehensive business intelligence tool offering multiple products, including SalesOS, MarketingOS, RevOpsOS, Enrich, Chat, and InboxAI. These products come with different pricing options based on your company's headcount and usage requirements, easily customizable to fit your company's specific needs. You can choose amongst tiers like Essential, Premium, Premium+, Professional+, and Advanced+ based on your requirements.

Each product is equipped with its own unique features. For example, the Enrich product provides actionable data about your existing and potential customers, helping you make information-driven business decisions. On the other hand, InboxAI allows integration with your email accounts, drawing actionable insights from your email communication to streamline and automate processes.

ZoomInfo is the brainchild of ZoomInfo Technologies LLC, which has established a strong market presence. This company is known for its extensive business intelligence products and focus on providing critical business insights. See our full guide on what ZoomInfo does and how they get their data for more info.

Compliance and Security

In terms of compliance and security, ZoomInfo Technologies LLC places a heavy emphasis on user data protection. It has stringent measures taken to ensure compliance with GDPR, SOC2, MFA, PII, and DPA regulations.

This highlights the company's dedication to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of user data. ZoomInfo also provides secure user access with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), further enhancing its robust security measures.

Regardless of your organization's size, industry, or business intelligence needs, ZoomInfo is highly flexible and equipped with advanced security tools to be a beneficial addition to your digital toolkit.

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ZoomInfo Pricing FAQs

Can startups benefit from using ZoomInfo, and is it cost-effective?

Yes, ZoomInfo is a valuable resource for startups looking to accelerate their sales processes and marketing outreach. With its comprehensive contact database and intent data, startups can identify decision-makers and capture buyer intent effectively. ZoomInfo's pricing model is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, including startups, making it a cost-effective solution for gaining in-depth market insights and automating sales workflows.

How does ZoomInfo integrate with Salesforce and HubSpot?

ZoomInfo integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and HubSpot, allowing for automatic syncing of contact data and customer profiles between platforms. This integration facilitates a smoother workflow for sales reps, ensuring that the sales pipeline is always up-to-date with the latest contact information and intent signals, thereby improving the efficiency of sales and marketing campaigns.

What is the starting price for ZoomInfo, and how does it vary?

ZoomInfo's starting price varies depending on the specific products and services chosen, company size, and the number of users. It's designed to scale with your business, ensuring that you only pay for what you need. For precise pricing details tailored to your organization's specific needs, including any additional features or add-ons, contacting ZoomInfo directly for a quote is recommended.

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