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Carta Pricing

Carta offers a variety of pricing plans, making it versatile for businesses of all sizes. While specific prices aren't indicated for all offers, available data shows considerable variations in pricing depending on the tier and business size. Here are a few guidelines for Carta's pricing:

  • Contract Ranges: For a headcount of 200, the contract ranges from $12,300 to $18,600. For a headcount of 1000, pricing is from $24,000 to $34,000. For a headcount of 1001 and beyond, prices could go from $39,400 to $85,700.
  • Tier Scale: The price ranges between $75 and $128.
  • Tier Build: Pricing is not indicated.
  • Tier Grow: Prices range from $96 to $19,000.
  • Tier Launch: Pricing information is not available.

Free Trial Availability

At present, Carta does not offer a free trial option.

Obtaining Discounts

Carta is known to negotiate prices, even at time of renewal. Albeit they propose a 7% uplift at renewal, company representatives have the power to give a discount, even knocking off as much as $500.

Some successes in obtaining discounts include securing a 5% discount during renewal by expressing product concerns, and getting a one-off 10% discount by requesting support during economic downtimes. Declarations of a 7% discount have also been made by holding firm on pricing and leveraging growth to eliminate the planned 7% renewal price increase.

Compliance and Security

Carta is esteemed to have strict security standards and the diligence to only provide documentation to admin users. Details on GDPR, SOC2, PII, and DPA compliance are yet to be disclosed. For specific compliance and security capabilities, It's recommended to directly get in touch with their team.

About Carta

Carta is an advanced software that facilitates equity management for private companies. Their services cover a range of needs from cap tables, valuations, and equity planning to fundraising. With Carta, businesses find it easier to manage stakeholders under various pricing plans. They are notably known for their high retention rate and are considered critical infrastructure in many institutions.

About the Carta Supplier

Carta stacks up to competitors including Shareworks, Ledgy, and Capshare. They abide by a pristine reputation in the industry, providing not only a top-of-the-line equity management software but also excellent customer service. Their representatives are commended for the flexibility they extend in uniform contract terms, and they have been successful in fostering an ecosystem of satisfied and loyal customers.

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