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Buy SaaS faster without sacrificing security

Ensure compliance and security needs are covered with every software purchase and take your purchasing process from 3 months to 3 weeks.

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Buy SaaS faster without sacrificing security

Never worry about a rogue SaaS purchase again — we even facilitate the security questionnaire

People buy software under the radar because it tends to be faster. With Vendr, you can buy SaaS fast AND compliantly, while assessing purchases and risks all from one platform.

Vendr | Security

Get ahead of issues

Help your company follow the right procurement process and immediately identify irregularities and potential risks.

Vendr | Time

Gain time

Get time back managing contracts and coordinating purchases to work on critical security priorities.

Vendr | Security

Access and controls

Understand everyone's app access at a glance and maintain a comprehensive audit log.

One platform, every SaaS tool, 100% compliance

Centralize records for easier, standardized compliance

Plan and execute compliance processes reliably so you can identify irregularities and potential risks faster.

  • Maintain an audit log of all licensing, provisioning, and purchasing decisions
  • Securely store all contracts in one centralized place
  • See an up-to-date view of spend across the organization
Centralize records for easier, standardized compliance

Manage security and stop worrying about putting out fires

Mistakes happen when people are forced to scramble. Transition from reactive to proactive with better predictability and a centralized SaaS management platform.

  • Avoid surprise renewals and upgrades with a standardized process
  • Alert necessary approvers as soon as a request is submitted
  • Stop chasing down colleagues for avoiding compliance standards
Manage security and stop worrying about putting out fires

Make compliance feel effortless

No one likes having to spend time policing their colleagues. Make the request process easy-to-follow to encourage participation and avoid cutting corners.

  • Lean on our team to help you build a straightforward and streamlined purchasing process
  • Automate approval notifications to move things through the buying process faster
  • Give stakeholders up-to-date visibility into deal progress
Ensure compliance with every SaaS tool

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