Evolving Mastery: Vendr’s Data Management Ecosystem


At Vendr, our approach to data management and analytics has been carefully crafted to support our growing operations and to deliver clean, complete, curated results to our customer interfaces. Our suite of tools is a reflection of our commitment to the highest quality customer experience and strategic decision-making.

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Zac Sheffer
Published on
December 7, 2023
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Evolving Mastery: Vendr’s Data Management Ecosystem

We qualified and evolved through a number of tool choices before finalizing our approach, and now our ecosystem of data tools is made up of diverse, highly-regarded tools, each selected for its strength in handling specific aspects of our data journey from raw input to presenting our customers with actionable insights.

Snowflake: The Foundation of Scalability

Snowflake continues to be our backbone for data warehousing, prized for its ability to scale effortlessly with our growing data demands. It offers the robustness needed for our large-scale operations, with the flexibility to handle the ebb and flow of data processing needs.

Fivetran & Segment: The Integration Duo

Fivetran, complemented by Segment, forms our integration duo. Fivetran automates data ingestion, making data available for internal analysis with minimal delay, while Segment focuses on collecting and structuring data from our various customer touchpoints. This combination ensures that our data integration powers our desire to deliver rich, customer-centric details that customers can easily leverage in SaaS decision-making.

dbt: The Transformer

dbt remains our tool of choice for data transformation, turning raw data into a consistent and analysis-friendly format. It’s the engine that powers our ability to make sense of disparate data sources, standardizing and preparing data for deep analysis.

Metaplane: The Data Quality Watchdog

Metaplane serves as our vigilant watchdog for data quality, seamlessly integrating into our ecosystem. It continuously monitors and validates the integrity of our data, ensuring consistency and reliability across all platforms. By providing timely alerts and insights into data health, Metaplane is instrumental in maintaining the high standard of our data-driven operations.

Metabase & Tableau: The Visualization Squad

For data visualization, we employ both Metabase and Tableau. Metabase allows us to quickly generate insights accessible to all internal team members, while Tableau offers more advanced analytical capabilities for deeper data dives. This dual-tool strategy ensures that everyone at Vendr, from data scientists to marketing personnel, can derive value from our data.

Mixpanel: The Product Analytics Expert

Mixpanel gives us an in-depth understanding of our product analytics. It’s our go-to for tracking user interactions, funneling conversion rates, and understanding the overall user journey, helping us fine-tune our product offerings to meet customer needs effectively.

Hightouch: The Reverse ETL Innovator

Hightouch has become indispensable in our reverse ETL processes, allowing us to operationalize our data by syncing it from our warehouse back into various operational systems. This keeps our actions data-informed and customer-centric across all platforms.

Airtable: The Collaborative Interface

Airtable is our solution for times when non-technical team members need to interact with our databases. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes database interaction intuitive and collaborative, bridging the gap between database complexity and operational functionality. As such, it is not only great for non-technical team members, it is great when we need a quick or MVP solution and don’t want to use engineering resources.

AWS Aurora PostgreSQL: The Production Powerhouse

Our production database runs on AWS Aurora PostgreSQL, offering the performance and reliability we need in a high-demand environment. Aurora’s compatibility with PostgreSQL ensures we get the best of traditional databases with the scalability of the cloud.

strongDM: The Guardian of Access

strongDM is the guardian of our database, ensuring that engineering overrides are secure and traceable. It’s the gatekeeper that allows for necessary access without compromising the integrity of our systems.


In the dynamic journey of Vendr's data management evolution, we've encountered and overcome a range of challenges. A key aspect of our success has been the willingness to adapt—recognizing when certain tools no longer fit our expanding scope and retiring them in favor of more potent solutions. This constant refinement of our tech stack is not only about efficiency but also about ensuring that every piece of our data ecosystem contributes positively to our overarching goals of customer delight and internal scalability.

Simultaneously, we've placed an unwavering emphasis on the quality of data. Acknowledging that even the most advanced analytics tools are rendered ineffective without a foundation of reliable and accurate data, we've prioritized the integrity of our data lake at every turn. It's this dedication to data quality that sets us apart, allowing us to leverage our comprehensive suite of tools to their fullest potential and provide exceptional data-driven experiences.

Zac Sheffer
VP of Data Product & Insight
Zac is Vendr's VP of Data Product & Insight, where he uses data to build trust and transparency in the SaaS buying process.

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