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January, March, June, July, September, December Pricing operates on a pricing structure based on headcount and additional features utilized. Contract ranges vary with different headcounts, notably beginning from $13,300 to $27,600 for a 200 headcount, $24,000 to $49,700 for a 1,000 headcount, and a substantial leap to between $36,300 and $91,200 for headcounts exceeding 1,000. Notably, customers can still achieve cost efficiency on renewals by leveraging market conditions and budgetary constraints. For some customers, waiving the customary 10% uplift has resulted in a satisfactory 7% cost reduction.

In terms of competition,'s principal rivals include Vitally, Totango, ChurnZero, and Gainsight which all offer different pricing levels. seeks to remain competitive by offering aggressive discounts to gain business leverage and maintains a flexible usage policy where users can be added to the platform at any given time, hence, preventing access impediments. Major pricing changes can occur based on different commercial considerations such as usage renewal, bundling new purchase or renewal, along with offerings like free months or credits for renewals or new purchases. Competitors


ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success platform that assists businesses in understanding how their clients interact with their web and SaaS applications.


Gainsight's robust Customer Success solution suite assists businesses in reducing churn, driving customer success, and maximizing recurring revenue.


Totango offers a customer-centric, data-driven platform that aligns organizations around the customer. With Totango, companies can operationalize customer data, and synchronize actions around the customer's context.


Vitally is a B2B SaaS platform constructed to help Customer Success teams monitor customer health, collect actionable insights, and handle onboarding. Negotiation Insights

In the comprehensive Vendr platform, we provide valuable assistance for effectively negotiating your contracts for SaaS products such as Our platform includes tangible discount levers and insightful commercial items.

Discount Lever for

One potential discount lever for is the length of your subscription. Long-term commitments often provide leverage for negotiating a discounted rate.

Commercial Insight for

A significant commercial item to consider in your negotiations with is usage tiers. Navigating this item effectively can result in an optimized agreement that better suits your company's usage needs.

To access the entire range of negotiation insights for, sign up for a free forever Vendr account. We offer numerous negotiation insights that can significantly enhance your SaaS procurement process.

Community Insights for

Here are some recent insights from our community:

  1. "Saved 17% on a renewal by citing budget cuts due to market conditions."
  2. "Catalyst was voted 'most implementable' within its category on G2."

We have a multitude of additional community insights for available. By signing up for Vendr's free trial, you can unlock access to these insights and gather significant knowledge regarding your prospective purchase.

Further, the free trial also provides additional insights such as the estimated time to implement, what to expect for your renewal, and other discount levers to exploit during the negotiation process. Make the best out of your SaaS procurement with Vendr.

Please note:'s notable competitors include Vitally, Totango, ChurnZero, and Gainsight. Overview is a leading Customer Success Platform (CSP) designed to synchronize and centralize customer data, delivering clear insights into customer health and paving the way for efficient customer retention and growth strategies. With its seamless integration into existing tools, Catalyst provides an all-in-one customer view that significantly enhances business decision-making processes.

Fueling its intuitive platform are automated alerts that significantly reduce churn by proactively informing user action. This user-friendly approach makes its customer success management standout, earning it the "most implementable" title in its category on G2., beyond its functionally, is known for its rapid and seamless implementation timeline. On average, full implementation wraps up within a period of 7 weeks, leading to quick user onboarding and making it a top choice for businesses seeking to swiftly ramp up their customer success management.

Compliance and Security

Secure operation and data protection are integral priorities for Adhering to stringent protocols, is compliant with GDPR and SOC2 standards, ensuring robust data security measures across its operations. Furthermore, also maintains compliance with ISO27001, which sets it apart in its dedication to information security management.

In addition to the aforesaid industry-specific compliances, also observes data protection protocols that demonstrate its commitment to personal data security, adhering to both PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and DPA (Data Protection Act) regulations.

Regarding access safety, incorporates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) & Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities into its platform. This dual approach secures user access, assures identity verifications, and enriches the overall system defense of the platform. Pricing Summary
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