VEndr vs. sastrify

Vendr vs. Sastrify

When it comes to software procurement, the choice of the right platform is important.

At Vendr, our Software Procurement platform is designed to streamline the complexities involved in buying, selling, and managing SaaS.

To make an informed decision, let's delve into a comprehensive comparison of Vendr and Sastrify. Vendr, with its history as a pioneer and expert in this field, offers unique advantages.

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Your voice drives the best outcomes, and we provide the playbooks to empower you.

Our Data

The world's largest SaaS pricing dataset with industry-leading benchmarks and insights.

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The most experienced team with the deepest domain knowledge and SaaS specialization.

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A single procurement platform for any technology purchase, including SaaS & non-SaaS.

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Benefits of Using Vendr Over Sastrify

Unrivaled SaaS Pricing Insight
Buyer Guides

Utilize Vendr's innovative procurement platform to access substantial savings and bolster your negotiation capabilities. Our extensive pricing database, which is three times larger than Sastrify's, is built on five years of industry experience and over $3.3 billion in processed transactions. This resource equips you with carefully curated playbooks tailored to your negotiation scenarios. With a proven track record and a client base of 500+ satisfied customers, Vendr distinguishes itself from Sastrify by providing valuable insights and robust negotiation capabilities. Our approach not only ensures cost savings but also enhances the value of your software investments.

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On-Demand Negotiation Expertise
SaaS Advisory

Enhance your procurement strategy with experienced SaaS negotiation specialists, recognized leaders in the industry. Our team has extensive collaboration with over 3,000 suppliers, bringing significant experience to the table. Each advisor functions not just as a consultant but as a strategic extension of your team, providing specialized insights and tailored guidance. In contrast to Sastrify's basic software solution and minimal support, Vendr offers a valuable partnership. We leverage our wealth of experience to ensure your negotiation success is a guaranteed outcome.

Premium Support Services

At Vendr, our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our white-glove support services. We provide personalized assistance, ensuring that each interaction is finely tuned to your unique requirements. Whether guiding you through the procurement process or devising custom solutions, our dedicated experts are always at your beck and call.

Real-Time Procurement Assistance

Benefit from the immediacy of real-time support offered by Vendr's seasoned SaaS specialists. They empower you to navigate negotiations, renewals, and purchases with confidence. Our rapid, informed responses save you valuable time and simplify your procurement journey.

A Genuine Partnership Model

Our approach transcends conventional frontline service. At Vendr, you are more than just a client; you are a pivotal collaborator in a shared mission. We take on your procurement challenges as our own, establishing a partnership deeply rooted in your procurement success. This synergy ensures that our expertise seamlessly integrates as a direct extension of your procurement capabilities.

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Comprehensive Workflow Management
Renewal Workflows

At Vendr, we revolutionize procurement with a solution tailored to your business's distinct needs. Our advanced intake-to-procure workflows offer full customization, allowing you to finely tune your procurement processes. With support for seamless integration into multiple systems via advanced field mapping, webhooks, and directional integrations, our approach transcends the limitations of Sastrify's one-size-fits-all model. Experience procurement that dynamically adapts to your evolving business landscape.

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Transparent Pricing and Cost Clarity:

The Vendr Intelligence Platform (VIP) starts at an annual rate of $15,000, with our VIP PRO plan starting at $20,000 per year (See pricing). On the other hand, Sastrify's absence of clear upfront pricing information might result in concealed expenses and unforeseen fees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed With Top SaaS Suppliers
Vendr Plus

Gain unmatched access to premier SaaS providers through the Vendr+ rewards program, offering competitive pricing and straightforward transactions. This reduces the complexity of prolonged negotiations. Vendr ensures your peace of mind with a satisfaction guarantee, prioritizing speed, fairness, and quality to optimize your SaaS investments.

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Self-Service Knowledge Hub
Vendr Customer Support

Explore our extensive collection of support articles and videos, available for general Vendr enquiries, VIP, and VIP Pro. Our knowledge hub covers diverse topics, including onboarding, product references, integration setup guides, SSO login configuration, and comprehensive support and troubleshooting. Vendr ensures you have access to vital information precisely when you need it.

Real-Time Chat Assistance
Vendr Live Chat Support

In addition to your dedicated Onboarding Manager, our friendly Application/Technical support is readily available through a dedicated chat service, guaranteeing immediate assistance during work hours. Feel free to contact us directly using the in-app chat for speedy and personalized support.

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Key Considerations When Choosing a SaaS Procurement Partner

SaaS Domain Expertise

Count on genuine human expertise whenever you require assistance. Vendr's team of SaaS specialists provides personalized support and instills confidence during negotiations, surpassing Sastrify's less experienced and more generalized team.

Efficient Procurement Streamlining

Opt for a partner that revolutionizes your procurement operations through automation. Unlike Sastrify's reliance on manual processes, Vendr expedites your procurement workflows with effective automation, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Data-Driven Procurement Insights

Choose a partner that ensures your decisions are based on valuable data insights. Vendr sets the standard with its comprehensive data assets, offering guidance for your purchasing decisions and, as a result, ensuring exceptional outcomes.

Full process customization

Steer clear of one-size-fits-all solutions. Vendr's platform is entirely adaptable to meet your specific procurement requirements and evolves in tandem with your business, whether it's integrated into your current workflow or deployed via our advanced Intake-to-Procure system

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