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One procurement platform, connected to all of your critical tools for optimized productivity and operations.

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Accounting and finance

A top-down view of your organization’s SaaS spend.

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Compare actual transactions with contracted-to-spend data to identify trends.

Surface expense trends and insights by analyzing critical financial system transactions.

Workflows and notifications

Embed savings automation into your day-to-day stack.

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Connect messaging and workflow tools for enhanced collaboration and centralized communication.

Stay on top of renewals with reminders directly in Slack.

Communicate with stakeholders using preferred messaging tools.

Contract lifecycle management

Streamline your contract review process.

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Allow users to initiate contract workflows directly from Vendr, reducing manual steps and accelerating approvals.

Automatically generate and upload signed contracts for more efficient contract management.

Save time by syncing agreements like NDAs, MSAs and contracts.


Give the entire company access in a few clicks.

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Give employees access by syncing your employee directory.

Route approvals to the right stakeholders and department leads.

Identity providers and SSO

Provide employees with secure and seamless access.

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Provide a secure and seamless log in experience by connecting Vendr with your identity provider.

Sync employees and manage access roles and permission.

Route approvals to the right stakeholders and department leads.

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