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SaaS Buyer Guides are packed with valuable market insights that give you the confidence to purchase software conveniently.

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SaaS Buyer Guide Supplier Profiles

Supplier profiles

Everything in one place. Access supplier details for best times to purchase, typical pricing, security protocols, and legal stipulations.

Saas Buyer Guide Pricing Insights

SKU insights

Say goodbye to the guesswork. Leverage real SaaS transaction data to determine the price you should pay.

Buyer Guide Negotiation Insights

Negotiation insights

Cut to the chase. Know which negotiation tactics deliver the best results – and which fall short.

Buyer Guide Alternative Solutions

Alternative solutions

Purchase the right software with confidence. Quickly identify and appropriately evaluate alternative solutions in the market to see how they compete.

Buyer Guide Community Insights

Community insights

Never make a purchasing decision alone. Tap into the Vendr community to find tips from thousands of real-world transactions. 

Buyer Guide Recent News

Recent news

Avoid time-consuming research and access the latest supplier news: product launches, acquisitions, security breaches, and current pricing trends.

“Would you believe that I used exactly the insights in there as leverage and they got me pretty much exactly the results that I wanted... It was amazing. And I like the way that they're formatted...these are really great documents, it's awesome.”
Chad Klinefelter, Sr. Manager, IT, Catapult
Chad Klinefelter
Sr. Manager, Information Technology

Vendr has 250+ Buyer Guides from top SaaS suppliers.

Buyer Guides give you complete transparency into pricing benchmarks and commercial terms for top SaaS suppliers.

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