VEndr vs. Tropic

Vendr vs. Tropic

SaaS pricing may vary, and while companies like Tropic have entered the market, Vendr empowers your negotiation process with the most comprehensive SaaS benchmarking data.

With Vendr, our expertise instills confidence, enabling you to leverage our playbooks and on-demand SaaS advisory to navigate SaaS procurement effectively and maximize cost savings during purchases and renewals.

In a crowded SaaS landscape, Vendr is your strategic partner, with the deepest domain knowledge and SaaS expertise, delivering exceptional outcomes in your SaaS negotiations.

Your Voice

Your voice drives the best outcomes, and we provide the playbooks to empower you.

Our Data

The world's largest SaaS pricing dataset with industry-leading benchmarks and insights.

Our Experts

The most experienced team with the deepest domain knowledge and SaaS specialization.

Our Platform

A single procurement platform for any technology purchase, including SaaS & non-SaaS.

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Benefits of Using Vendr Over Tropic

Unmatched Price Benchmarking Data
Buyer Guides

With Vendr, you can confidently negotiate the best deals for your business across a wide range of vendors. We understand that benchmarking data is not just a luxury but a necessity for informed decisions. Our extensive pricing database, built on five years of experience and over $3.3 billion in processed transactions, equips you with proven playbooks tailored to your negotiation scenarios. With a track record of success and 500+ satisfied customers, Vendr goes beyond Tropic, offering deeper insights and stronger negotiations that not only save you money but also deliver substantial value to your software investments.

Full Access to Our Pricing Data

We provide our customers with unrestricted access to our comprehensive SaaS pricing and benchmarking data, ensuring complete transparency. This level of clarity sets us apart from Tropic, which may not offer the same extent of openness. Our approach ensures that you have all the necessary information, including insights into cost ranges and price points. This transparency in our data fosters stronger, more informed relationships between you and your suppliers, positioning you for more effective negotiations and strategic decision-making.

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Unparalleled Negotiation Expertise
SaaS Advisory

Elevate your procurement strategy with the industry’s most seasoned SaaS negotiation specialists. Our team, having collaborated with over 3,000 suppliers, brings a depth of experience unmatched in the industry. Each advisor is not just a consultant but a strategic extension of your team, offering specialized insights and tailored guidance. While Tropic provides a basic software solution and lightweight support, Vendr delivers a profound partnership, leveraging our extensive experience to ensure your negotiation success is not just a possibility, but a certainty.

White-Glove Experts

At Vendr, white-glove support is more than a service; it's a commitment to excellence. Our team offers personalized, top-tier assistance, ensuring that every interaction is tailored to your unique needs. Whether guiding you through the procurement process or offering custom solutions, our dedicated experts are always at your service.

Community Insights and Support

At Vendr, we recognize your desire for a network of experts, and we make this a reality on our platform. We gather and disseminate collective insights and experiences from our user community, which directly aids your procurement strategy. This approach leverages community wisdom to enhance and bolster your negotiation capabilities

Negotiate With Your Own Voice

We recognize that your voice is more impactful during negotiations. Our role is to provide relevant SaaS benchmarking data, supporting you to make informed decisions while you lead the dialogue with your suppliers. Although we don't interject in your discussions with your suppliers, our experienced SaaS advisors are readily available in our app, offering guidance and advice when you seek it. This approach combines our insights with your negotiation skills, ensuring a collaborative and effective partnership.

A True Partnership Model

Our approach transcends traditional frontline service. With Vendr, you're not just a client; you're a vital part of a collaborative mission. Your procurement challenges are ours, offering a partnership that's deeply invested in your procurement success. This synergy ensures that our expertise becomes a direct extension of your procurement capabilities.

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Total Process Orchestration
Renewal Workflows

At Vendr, we redefine procurement with a solution that's as unique as your business. Our advanced intake-to-procure workflows are designed for total customization, allowing you to model any procurement process with precision. Extends to any system with advanced field mapping, webhooks, and direction integrations, enabling full process orchestration across multiple systems. This approach not only caters to your specific needs but also transcends the limitations of Tropic's limited approach, offering a truly tailored procurement experience that adapts dynamically to your evolving business landscape.

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Competitive and Transparent Pricing

The Vender Intelligence Platform (VIP) starts at $15,000 per year, while our VIP PRO plan starts at $20,000 per year (See pricing). In contrast, Tropic's lack of upfront pricing transparency may leave you with hidden costs and unexpected fees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed From Your Favorite SaaS Suppliers
Vendr Plus

Experience unparalleled access to top-tier SaaS providers through the Vendr+ rewards program, where you will enjoy great pricing and straightforward transactions, reducing the burden of long, drawn out negotiations. Vendr’s satisfaction guarantee ensures peace of mind with every procurement decision. Embrace an experience that values speed, fairness, and the highest quality, all designed to optimize your SaaS investments.

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Self-Service Knowledge Hub
Vendr Customer Support

Our comprehensive collection of support articles and videos, available for general Vendr enquiries, VIP, and VIP Pro, is a treasure trove of knowledge. These articles cover a wide range of topics, including getting started, product references, integration setup guides, SSO login setup, and support & troubleshooting. We've ensured that our customers have access to essential information precisely when they need it.

Live Chat Support
Vendr Live Chat Support

In addition to your dedicated Onboarding Manager, our humanized Application/Technical support is available through a dedicated chat service, accessible from in real-time. You can contact us directly using the in-app chat.

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Parallel Approval
Key Factors When Selecting a SaaS Procurement Partner

Streamlined Procurement Processes

Choose a partner that transforms your procurement operations with automation. Unlike Tropic's manual-dependent processes, Vendr accelerates your procurement workflows with efficient automation, saving both time and money.

Data-Driven Procurement

Make informed decisions with a partner who provides rich data insights. Vendr leads with the industry's most comprehensive data, guiding your purchasing choices and helping achieve unmatched outcomes.

SaaS Domain Knowledge or Expertise

Expect real human expertise when you need support. Vendr's team of SaaS specialists offers personalized assistance and confidence in negotiations, outperforming Tropic's less experienced and more generalized team.

Personalized Platform Features

Avoid generic solutions. Vendr's platform is fully customizable, fitting your unique procurement needs and evolving with your business, whether integrated into your existing workflow or through our advanced Intake-to-Procure system.

See Vendr Intelligence Platform in Action

Learn how the fastest growing companies partner with Vendr to get the best results on SaaS purchases.

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