SaaS management continues to be one of the first steps – and biggest challenges – for companies struggling to get control of their SaaS buying.

Between your big spenders (typically Engineering and Marketing), duplicate spending (i.e. multiple project management tools across departments), and dark spend (i.e. the software that flies under the radar with auto-renewals and credit card charges), there’s a lot that can go overlooked.

Today, that process gets a whole lot easier. 

We’ve partnered with G2 Track to help companies manage their SaaS stacks and spend more effectively, from new purchases all the way to renewal. G2 Track is a simple and secure SaaS spend management platform that provides instant access to actionable insights, enhancing the ability to confidently understand and manage every aspect of a company's software investment holistically. 

Vendr is the leading SaaS buying platform helping companies buy the right software at the best price. Together, G2 Track and Vendr pack a powerful punch for companies to surface their full SaaS stack and find ways to save, strengthening their bottom line and freeing up critical resources for higher-value work.

Everything you need to know about the partnership.

A duo that never lets you lose control of your SaaS spend

G2 Track instantly identifies and illustrates insights that help IT, Procurement, and Finance make better decisions on their SaaS stack and spend, so they can swiftly and sustainably invest in the right tech to grow their business. Vendr’s Executive Buyers, paired with a database of 1,000+ suppliers, leverages that stack visibility to manage the entire SaaS purchasing process and save organizations critical time and money.

Partnering with G2 Track unlocks visibility into a company’s SaaS stack, empowering leaders to understand their software spend instantly without having to manually crawl through contracts and budgets. Vendr leverages the data visibility within G2 Track and optimizes the purchasing process with white-glove negotiations. 

G2 Track instantly unlocks visibility into our customers' SaaS stack and spend, while Vendr's team uses that information to outsource negotiations. The G2 Track + Vendr partnership makes it simple for our customers to optimize their software stack."

 - Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2

The biggest blocker to a successful SaaS management and buying experience? Getting the stack organized. What once took months, if not years, to complete – and thousands of dollars wasted as a result – can now happen faster than ever. After all, the sooner you can get your SaaS stack organized in G2 Track, the sooner you can start saving money with Vendr.

One of the biggest pain points in SaaS management is also now one of the easiest to avoid: visibility. It’s what costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Partnering with G2 Track means that companies are always in the know and empowered to make smarter decisions about their SaaS stack.

Finding, negotiating the best price, and managing your software contracts can now all be done in one seamless workflow, combining G2 Track’s leading identification and management with Vendr’s cutting edge negotiation data and services.”

- Brian Signorelli, VP GTM at Vendr

Complete the SaaS management cycle with ease

The weight of best-in-class SaaS management shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of the people looking to buy. Visibility into software spend is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a need-to-have for companies looking to improve their bottom line (and that’s all of us, right?).

With a G2 Track and Vendr partnership, we’re committed to helping companies consolidate contracts in one place, free up wasted time on supplier comms, improve the purchasing process, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.


About G2 Track

 G2 Track is an easy-to-use, secure SaaS management platform providing hundreds of customers instant visibility into their company’s SaaS footprint, enabling them to confidently optimize their stacks. Companies like Lyft, Grammarly, ClassPass, SEMrush, and more entrust G2 Track and its robust integrations to aggregate and analyze their software’s utilization, spend, and satisfaction trends while also managing vendor contracts and compliance, so their companies can swiftly and sustainably invest in technology to grow their business.

About Vendr

Vendr is forever changing how companies buy and renew SaaS. With over $600+ million in SaaS purchases across 1,300+ suppliers, the Vendr SaaS buying platform enables the world’s fastest-growing companies to purchase SaaS, without friction and at a fair price. We become an invaluable extension of Finance and Procurement teams that entire companies can lean on to buy and renew any SaaS product in the world. Customers end up saving money but more importantly, time and stress associated with managing a constantly growing expense line.

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