VEndr vs. procurify

Vendr vs. Procurify

When comparing Vendr to Procurify, it's clear that each platform offers unique features tailored to different aspects of procurement and spend management.

Procurify positions itself as a comprehensive solution for managing the procure-to-pay process, offering features like standardized purchase requisitions, electronic reimbursement forms, and approval workflows. It also provides tools for purchase order management, vendor management, and AP automation.

Vendr, on the other hand, excels in areas like unmatched price benchmarking data, full access to pricing data, unparalleled negotiation expertise, and white-glove support. Vendr's approach emphasizes empowering its users through extensive market data and expertise, ensuring they have the resources needed for effective negotiation and procurement decisions.

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Your voice drives the best outcomes, and we provide the playbooks to empower you.

Our Data

The world's largest SaaS pricing dataset with industry-leading benchmarks and insights.

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The most experienced team with the deepest domain knowledge and SaaS specialization.

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A single procurement platform for any technology purchase, including SaaS & non-SaaS.

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Benefits of Using Vendr Over Procurify

Unrivaled SaaS Pricing Data
Buyer Guides

Utilize Vendr’s procurement platform to achieve significant savings and enhanced negotiation capabilities. Our comprehensive pricing database, developed from five years of experience and over $3.3 billion in transactions, provides you with effective playbooks for various negotiation scenarios. With a history of success and over 500 clients, Vendr surpasses Procurify by providing more in-depth insights and robust negotiations, leading to cost savings and considerable value for your software investments.

Complete Access to Pricing Intelligence

Transparency is key in software procurement. Vendr ensures full access to our pricing data, unlike h offers pricing base on transaction volume and user roles, billed annually​​​​. This approach empowers our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

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Expert Negotiation Advisory On-Demand
SaaS Advisory

Enhance your procurement strategy with Vendr's experienced SaaS negotiation specialists. Our team, with a history of collaboration with over 3,000 suppliers, offers a level of expertise rare in the industry. Each advisor acts as a strategic addition to your team, providing focused insights and personalized advice. Unlike Procurify's basic software and limited support, Vendr offers a significant partnership, utilizing our extensive experience to make your negotiation success highly probable.

Personalized, High-Quality Support

Vendr's commitment to white-glove support is unparalleled. We provide a level of personalized, attentive service that is designed to meet the specific needs of each client, a step beyond the generic solutions often seen in the market.

Community-Driven Insights and Support

We understand the power of collective wisdom. Vendr offers a platform for sharing and gaining insights from a diverse community of experts, which is crucial in today's interconnected business landscape.

Partnership Beyond Transactions

Our relationship with clients goes beyond mere transactions. We view every client as a vital part of a collaborative mission, sharing in their procurement challenges and successes.

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Streamlined Procurement for Every Need
Renewal Workflows

Vendr innovates in procurement with highly customizable and advanced workflows, ensuring a perfect fit for your business. Our solution adapts to any procurement requirement with precision, featuring extensive system integrations and field mapping, delivering an experience that goes beyond Procurify's limitation.

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Fair, Clear Pricing Model

The Vender Intelligence Platform (VIP) starts at $15,000 per year, while our VIP PRO plan starts at $20,000 per year (See pricing).

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Top SaaS Suppliers
Vendr Plus

Experience efficient transactions and competitive pricing with Vendr's network of SaaS providers. The Vendr+ rewards program is designed for efficiency and satisfaction, offering access to a range of SaaS vendors. Benefit from reasonable pricing and straightforward transactions, which help simplify negotiations. Vendr's commitment to satisfaction supports each procurement decision, ensuring a reliable experience. Opt for an experience that focuses on efficiency, fairness, and quality, aimed at improving your SaaS investments.

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Accessible Knowledge Resources
Vendr Customer Support

Our extensive collection of support articles and videos caters to various Vendr inquiries, including general Vendr enquiries, VIP, and VIP Pro. This resource offers a broad spectrum of information, encompassing topics such as initial setup, product details, integration guidance, SSO login configuration, and support for troubleshooting. We prioritize making essential information readily available to our customers whenever they require it. This knowledge hub provides a range of articles and videos, delivering insightful and helpful guidance for all your procurement requirements.

Responsive, In-App Humanized Support
Vendr Live Chat Support

Vendr's live chat support, combined with dedicated onboarding managers, offers a humanized support experience, ensuring that you always have the help you need, when you need it.

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Parallel Approval
Essential Elements in Selecting a SaaS Procurement Partner

Workflow Automation

Select a partner that enhances your procurement operations through automation. In contrast to Procurify's processes that rely heavily on manual intervention, Vendr streamlines your procurement workflows with effective automation, leading to time and cost savings.

Rich SaaS Benchmarking Data

Make informed decisions with a partner who offers detailed SaaS data insights. Unlike Procurify, Vendr provides extensive SaaS industry data, guiding your purchasing decisions and aiding in achieving exceptional results.

Specialized SaaS Expertise

Turn to dependable human expertise for support when needed. The team of SaaS experts at Vendr offers custom-tailored assistance and reassurance in negotiations, going beyond the capabilities of Procurify's less specialized team.

Customizable Platform for Unique Needs

Vendr's platform is highly adaptable, tailored to meet your individual procurement needs and capable of evolving with your business, either by integrating into your existing workflow or via our sophisticated Intake-to-Procure system.

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