VEndr vs. productiv

Vendr vs. Productiv

In the SaaS procurement sector, Vendr is known for its SaaS pricing database and negotiation insights.

Customers often choose Vendr for its SaaS pricing insights, negotiation strategies, user-friendly workflows, community knowledge, and support via on-demand advisory. This contrasts with Productiv, which mainly focuses on spend management.

Let's discuss how the Vendr Intelligence Platform offers strategic advantages in technology purchases compared to Productiv.

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Benefits of Using Vendr Over Productiv

Unrivaled Pricing Intelligence
Buyer Guides

Vendr is recognized in the industry for its large pricing database, distinguishing it from Productiv. Its data repository, supported by over $3.3 billion in transactions, provides customers with insights and tailored negotiation strategies. While Productiv offers solid spend management solutions, they differ from Vendr's focus on pricing intelligence, negotiation tactics, on-demand SaaS advisory, and intake-to-procure workflows. Vendr's experience and broad customer base, with over 500 clients, highlights its capability in delivering cost-effective outcomes that extend beyond basic spend management.

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On-Demand Negotiation & Advisory
SaaS Advisory

Vendr's team of negotiation specialists has considerable experience in the SaaS domain, differing from Productiv's general focus on spend management. Each Vendr advisor offers specialized insights and tailored strategies for negotiations. This expertise helps clients achieve good outcomes and gain strategic value in each transaction. Productiv, with its broad approach to spend management, does not have the same level of specific negotiation expertise as Vendr.

Personalized White-Glove Experience

Vendr's dedication to personalized support differentiates it from Productiv. Each interaction with Vendr's support team is customized to address their clients' specific needs, aiming to ensure satisfaction and engagement. Productiv's support system is efficient but might not provide the same degree of personalized attention as Vendr's team.

Real-Time Assistance

Real-time support is crucial during negotiations. The immediacy and effectiveness of Vendr's real-time support are notable in the industry. Vendr's team provides quick and informed responses, making the procurement process smoother for clients. This real-time assistance and problem-solving is an area where Vendr differs from Productiv, whose support systems, although capable, may not offer the same immediacy and specialized assistance.

Genuine Collaboration Approach

Vendr focuses on creating a collaborative procurement experience, acting as a partner to its clients. This partnership approach goes beyond the typical client-service provider relationship, creating synergy to improve procurement capabilities. In contrast, Productiv's method, while effective in managing spend, may not provide the same depth of collaboration and shared mission found in Vendr's service model.

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Complete Workflow Management
Renewal Workflows

Vendr's procurement solutions are customizable, designed to meet the varying needs of businesses. The platform includes intake-to-procure workflows and system integrations, providing clients with a smooth and efficient procurement process. This customization and integration are areas where Vendr differs from Productiv, whose capabilities in spend management might not include the same degree of tailored process orchestration.

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Competitive and Honest Pricing

Vendr's pricing is transparent, with the VIP starting at $15,000 and the VIP PRO at $20,000 per year (See pricing). This clarity in pricing sets Vendr apart from Productiv, which may surprise you with hidden fees and costs due to its lack of upfront pricing.

Guaranteed Satisfaction With Your Preferred SaaS Suppliers
Vendr Plus

The Vendr+ rewards program provides access to top SaaS suppliers, offering you the best pricing and streamlined transactions to simplify and expedite the negotiation process. The program focuses on speed, fair dealing, and quality, aiming to optimize SaaS investments effectively.

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Self-Guided Knowledge Resource
Vendr Customer Support

Vendr offers a wide range of support resources for all user levels, covering general Vendr enquiries, VIP, and VIP Pro. This includes topics ranging from basic setup to advanced integration and troubleshooting, offering more resources than Productiv. Vendr's commitment to providing quick access to crucial information helps empower customers with the knowledge they require at the right moment.

Live Chat Customer Support in the App
Vendr Live Chat Support

Vendr provides personalized Application/Technical support, accessible via real-time chat, complementing your Onboarding Manager. This direct, in-app communication distinguishes us from Productiv's support approach.

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Parallel Approval
Things to Consider When Selecting a SaaS Procurement Partner

Time-Savings and Automated Tasks

Tired of spending countless hours on manual procurement tasks? Vendr automates these processes, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors, while Productiv may still require manual intervention, slowing you down.

Extensive Data Insights

Don't let your procurement decisions be based on guesswork. Vendr provides you with data-driven insights, ensuring you always make informed choices. Vendr has 10x the data and managed spend compared to other providers.

SaaS Domain Knowledge

Vendr is a leader and pioneer in SaaS procurement with more experience than Productiv. Leverage our extensive experience, having processed over $3.3 billion in transactions and facilitated more than 28,000 transactions.

Product Customization

You don’t want to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t tailor to your procurement needs. Vendr's customizable platform empowers you to adapt and evolve your processes as your business grows. Leverage Vendr’s data in your existing process, or within our world-class Intake-to-Procure system.

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