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Software vendor management for IT: A guide to managing and scaling SaaS

Learn about all the ways a vendor management system can improve your overall ITAM practice, the benefits of taking an automated approach to both software, and how Finance and IT teams can best collaborate on implementation.

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Ways SaaS vendor management can improve your IT

From better budget optimization (think deduplication, license and asset utilization, and more) to an easier software evaluation and improved cross-departmental collaboration, IT teams can move from a reactive state to a proactive arm of the company.

Biggest ares of concern for IT in 2022

IT carries a heavy organizational weight on its shoulders. Issues with visibility, access control, and compliance can lead to massive company consequences. Get in-depth info on the consequences of informal IT.

How to get started with SaaS management

In most cases, investing in an automated vendor management system for SaaS can result in considerable net savings for the organization. In fact, organizations that use a vendor management tool to buy software realize savings of up to 25%.

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