Vendr | Guide to SaaS Buying

A self-guided tour of Vendr

Get an inside look into the platform where you can discover and buy new tools, see how much you're saving on software, and stay up to date on all of your deals.

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What you get

A deep understanding of Vendr’s SaaS buying approach

Learn how we help consolidate your tech stack, perform a free savings analysis, and identify buying process challenges all before you even become a customer.

A 30-day game plan for the best possible partnership

Get insight into early wins as a customer: Defining your buying process, collecting your entire SaaS stack, taking on initial renewal negotiations, and rolling out the platform to stakeholders.

An inside look at the platform and how to use it

Get an inside look at how to view total savings, find and buy new SaaS in our supplier database, see recent deal activity, find supplier documents, and more in the Vendr dashboard.

The world’s fastest growing companies trust us with their stack

See how much you could be saving today.

Analyze my SaaS stack