Perfect the SaaS buying lifecycle

With G2 Track & Vendr, SaaS management and buying just got a whole lot easier.

We share how the world’s fastest-growing organizations leverage the power of SaaS management visibility with negotiations that save time and money.

Vendr G2 Track playbook

What you can expect

Use G2 Track to understand your stack

When SaaS and its expenses get out of control, it can be hard to pinpoint where to start to regain control of your company’s SaaS. G2 Track can direct you to the right solution and get your arms back around your SaaS, especially if you work in IT, Finance, or Procurement.

Discover a better way to buy SaaS with Vendr

The first step in setting SaaS buying up for future success is building a process that empowers employees to request the right SaaS efficiently while maintaining buy-in from finance and procurement. Next up is leveraging the power of an external SaaS buying platform like Vendr.

Become your company's SaaS superhero

Learn how to empower your finance and procurement teams to stay in the know without having to waste time on manual tracking and. Ensure stakeholders stay focused on their core responsibilities instead of worrying about negotiating software.

Take control of your SaaS buying lifecycle.

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