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SaaS benchmarks that guarantee fair prices.

Be confident you’re getting the best deal on SaaS with access to the world’s largest software pricing database.

Learn from the world’s leading procurement community.

A living repository of buying advice directly from our community of customers and negotiation experts.

Examples of buying advice from DocuSign, Slack and LinkedIn

Real-time feed of recent insights searchable by product or company.

Insider intel on successful — and unsuccessful — negotiation strategies.

Helpful insights are upvoted and validated by our verified customers.

Highlighted tips relevant to your active workflows and upcoming renewals.

“Vendr helps me to be confident I’m getting the optimal value for the right price when purchasing SaaS.”
Davison Paull, General Counsel
Davison Paull

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Choose from 20,000+ SaaS products with real-time data.

Category intel to identify alternatives and consolidate spend.

Security and compliance information at your fingertips.

One-click purchase requests.

“The best thing about Vendr is that they have insights into what fair market value is for SaaS, eliminating the mystery around pricing when we make a purchase.”
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Dan Coor
Head of Global Procurement

Know the price before you start a negotiation.

Access our extensive SaaS pricing database to estimate costs before you talk to sales.

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Predictive pricing via proprietary data and market trends.

Budget-based product filtering to match your financial constraints.

Estimated product pricing based on company size or expected usage.

Analysis of alternatives to inform competitive research.

Vendr | Announcing Community Insights

Vendr's Community Insights links you with people who have recently bought SaaS, enabling the sharing of negotiation strategies, price comparisons, and tips for quickly obtaining the best product.

Discover the best SaaS solutions hassle-free with Vendr Explore.

Discover the best SaaS solutions hassle-free with Vendr Explore. Compare, filter, and get market insights for over 19,000 products to make informed decisions and get fair prices with Vendr support services.

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