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Auth0 Pricing

Auth0 is an adaptable platform offering authentication and authorization aspects of your applications. The product is mainly known for its simplicity, compliance, and robust security features, making it a preferable choice for many enterprises across the globe.

Auth0 comes with three different pricing tiers:

  1. Basic Tier: $7 per month billed annually
  2. Professional Tier: $4,000 per month billed annually
  3. Enterprise Tier: $40,000 per month billed annually

Please note that these are base pricing values and the final price might vary based on your usage and additional features required.

Free Trial Availability

Auth0's free trial availability is currently not announced. For accurate information regarding free trials, users are advised to contact the vendor directly.

Obtaining Discounts

Discounts are possible depending on the tenure of the contract. As an example, a 2-year contract could secure a 20% discount. However, be aware that Auth0 was recently acquired by Okta and grandfathered discounts are being eliminated. For detailed information on discounts, it's best to contact the vendor directly.

Compliance and Security

Auth0's commitment to security and compliance is strong. The platform complies with GDPR, SOC2, MFA, ISO27001, PII, DPA. This commitment to users' security makes Auth0 a reliable solution for businesses of all scales.

About Auth0

Auth0, currently owned by Okta, is a leader in the authentication platform market. Known for easy implementation and robust security, it has secured a high market share and excellent category score. While they are somewhat reluctant to include flexible terms in their contracts and have been known to increase prices, their platform remains trustworthy and highly regarded in the market.

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